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Did the Kings Have Their Best Draft Ever?

Derrick Rose trails the play wondering if Tyreke is indeed the best guard out of Memphis

We all know about Tyreke, and how he’s been nothing short of spectacular in his short NBA career. He made a few more believers when he lead the Kings from a 35 point deficit to beat the Bulls. MCeezy has more than covered him on our blog, as he looks to be a lock for the ROY award if he continues to put up the numbers he currently has, and continues to impress by putting up the seemingly effortless average of 20, 5, and 5. He is obviously their future, and probably their best draft pick in a long while for Sacramento. Maybe they were lucky to not get the first pick and draft rights to Blake Griffen who hasn’t played a single game this year. The reason for this post is mainly because of their 2nd choice in this year’s draft, Omri Casspi, who has been surprisingly good too. I’ve seen him in the top five of most rookie of the year polls, which shows you how great this draft was for Sacramento. He was the 23rd overall pick, and has made it into the starting lineup, maybe due to injuries and bad/inconsistent play by others, but still a starter nonetheless. Continue reading

Did Iranian Gov’t Forbid Hamed Haddadi From Playing Against Kings?

On Monday, many international basketball media were reporting on the anticipated matchup between Grizzlies’ center, Hamed Haddadi, the NBA’s first Iranian player, and Kings forward Omri Casspi, the first Isreali-born player in the league. What HASN’T been reported on, however, is the fact that Haddadi was a no show for the game. I was in attendance on Monday in Sacramento, and quickly noticed that Haddadi was not present. I didn’t think anything of it at the time, as Hadaddi is frequently on the inactive list for Memphis. I figured he stayed home for the road trip. Last night, though, I was at Oracle Arena for the Grizzlies’ game against the Golden State Warriors, and Haddadi WAS present. SO, does this mean he was told to stay away from Arco Arena?

Did Iranian Government officials send this guy to yank Haddadi off the court?