Lakers (and Fans) Come Unwrapped

If NBA teams were publicly traded companies on the stock market, shares of LAL would be plummeting right now. It’s easy to pile on the Lakers after a pathetic showing like the one they had today, but let’s face it, we don’t get those opportunities very often. Keeping it in perspective, the Lake Show will surely rattle off plenty more wins this season and still be a force in the postseason. Today, however, we saw a glimpse of just how bad they can be. Perhaps they were caught up in the Season of Giving, because they all but giftwrapped that victory for the Cavs. The trainwreck we all witnessed today was more than just poor play. We also saw the team, and even the fans, self-destruct. Kobe Bryant broke his own record for crying in one game, Lamar Odom got thrown out for no reason, Derek Fisher had a Fisheresque cheap shot or two on Mo Williams, and even the fans showed their lack of appreciation by throwing their Christmas gifts on the floor.

The bottom line, and what I’m getting at here, is we just saw that the Lakers AREN’T who we thought they were. Just when their stock had reached a season high, where many were calling them the undisputed best team in the league, they laid this egg, and showed they are far from perfect. What does all this mean? Not much, other than the Kings are in for a tough battle with a frustrated club tomorrow night, and more importantly, the Lakers can not only be beaten handily on the court, but they can also get beaten down mentally, as they showed today. Merry Christmas!

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One response to “Lakers (and Fans) Come Unwrapped

  • Jake

    They did meltdown. It’s only one game though, and I’m sure they’ll bounce back! I can’t believe Artest fell down a flight of stairs!

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