The Race Draft Revisited

This has always been one of my favorite Chapelle Show skits. I was especially happy to see that the Chinese picked up the Wu-Tang Clan, it made me proud! I guess I revisited the clip because of the flurry of Tiger propaganda spewing out every media outlet. My first thought after re-watching it was, I wonder if this was the turning point in his career when he decided to gangster up! He knew that being picked #1 overall, and converting to 100% black that he’d obviously have to toughen up that image, and make a few changes. That was the point in his life when he broke away from Stanford University Tiger. To get that ghetto pass stamped he decided to quietly find a chick for each stop on the tour, which worked great for awhile! Or maybe not depending who you are. What these fine accomplishments mean for him, we aren’t quite sure yet. The one thing that is for sure, he will gangster up when he gets back out on the golf course whether you like it or not! Two of his favorite courses hold Majors this year, there is noway he is sitting out!

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