Big Baseball Moves

I don't like the Yankees, the Sox's, or big John Lackey, but I'm fully rooting for Lackey to throw some punches in one of their heated divisional games!

The Red Sox picked up John Lackey Monday, which was a solid move. I really like waving goodbye to Lackey from the AL West that is, he seemed to dominate the A’s every time he took the mound. Boston also made one other surprising signing as well. No, not Jason Bay. Matt Holliday?!? Nope, it looks like they are picking up Mike Cameron. Really!?! Interesting move Theo… I guess it’s a defensive upgrade getting a 3-time Gold Glover. Cameron has some power, and he is cheaper than the two mentioned guys. We’ll see how it pans out. I guess he could be a Johnny Damon type guy for them who has been known to be a good mentor and clubhouse guy. I just don’t see how it helps them compete with the Yankees, but oh well, I don’t really like them anyways. Another move that I saw, was the Red Sox offered Chapman a contract for $15.5 million! Ladies and gentlemen strap in for the next relevant Chapman!

The other shocking moves made Monday was the trade that sends Roy Halladay to the Phillies, and Cliff Lee is going to Seattle. I don’t really understand why they wanted to give up prospects, when they could just turn around and sign Lee keeping the prized youth, but if they sign Halladay to a long extension it might be worth it. I could really care less about Halladay landing in Philly, the main reason stems from me not really caring about the NL all that much. I’m just worried the A’s will now have to face Lee now five times a year. In the end, I’m really curious to see how Phillies top prospects pan out, they’ve had a good run of home grown talent over the last few years, so I’m sure whatever they gave up to make Toronto happy, must have been worth it!

In A’s news, we let go of JacKKK Cust, and inconsistent, wrongfully named, Santiago Casilla. I see this as an addition by subtraction. Our defense just improved by not having to ever put Cust in the field again. He makes a little leaguer trying to catch a ball during the home run derby look like a all-star out there. He also clogs up the bases with his slow station to station movements, and kept speedy guys from moving around the bases at times. This team is moving into a speed era it appears, and Cust doesn’t suit that. All in all, it’s been a crazy day for the MLB off-season!

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11 responses to “Big Baseball Moves

  • tophatal

    chappy 81

    The surprising there if it’s alleged as being true. It is the very fact that Lee apparently didn’t want to be signed to a long term deal. Hence the reason that the Phillies decided to trade him ? I’d have thought that a long term deal would’ve been in Lee’s best interest , but apparently not ?

    Now with the Phillies adding Halladay to their roster, they again become the team to beat in the NL. As for the Mariners they’ll now become more likely than not the team to beat in AL West . But I still feel that they’re offensively challenged.

    How much of a mess is the situation going to become in LA , concerning Frank and Jamie McCourt ? That divorce could turn out to be real messy and it may well end up with Frank McCourt having to sell the team ? Given the fact that there’s some dispute as to the validity of the post and pre-nup agreements signed by his ex-wife. There’s only so many ways that $800 million can be sliced up at the end of the day. Just ask Tiger ?

    Whichever idiot club takes on Mike Cameron, does at their at their cost. The guy is a damn headcase and a raving lunatic. Wherever he’s been he has become a malignant tumor that seems to spread and at some point disrupts an entire organization. He’s simply not worth the risk at all !

    Alan Parkins

  • green2009cn

    good boys

  • slamdunk

    That dropped flyball by Cust reminded me of a similar error I made in a tryout period for my freshman year baseball team. I made a dreadful play and was cut from the team a week later.

  • mceezy

    Can’t say I’m sad to see Cust go. He was one of my least favorite A’s over the last decade or so. We might miss Casilla though. Granted he was inconsistent, but my guess is he’ll play a key role for someone else.

  • jingle

    I love watching baseball games during March-June, it is a good pass time and the fairness of batting, taking turns, and running bases with cheers are unforgettable!

    I have read a few books about Yankees and its players…
    Neat Subject!

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  • aris

    I don’t know much abot baseball, coz it’s not pupolar in our country

  • tophatal

    chappy 81

    So Matsui is said to be Angels’ bound ?
    I don’t know if that’ll end up being enough to make the Angels still a dominant force within the AL. They do a passable imitation of that within the AL West but more often than not they end up either succumbing to either the Yankees or Bosox , in the end.

    Common Sense And Phil Knight Have Nothing In Common …

    Alan Parkins

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