Lakers-Clippers LIVE Blog Tonight

The NBA regular season kicks off Tuesday night, with TNT carrying a double header featuring the Cavs-Celtics and Lakers-Clippers.  Although the latter is a much less enticing game, Doin Work will be having a live blog following what should be a nailbiter.  The Lake Show always brings out the best in Doin Work, since we’re comprised of two die hard Laker fans and two diehard Laker haters.  Should be an amusing one.  If you’re watching the game, might as well pull up our Live Blog and follow the action with us.

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6 responses to “Lakers-Clippers LIVE Blog Tonight

  • tophatal

    Guys this NBA season could be one replete with surprises . It’ll be interesting to see how the Lakers stack up against the rest of the Western Conference as well as the rest of the NBA.

    And no doubt the talk will be about the Cavs and in particular the partnership of Shaq and LeBron . If these two can’t get it done then we may well be seeing the last of LeBron in a Cleveland uniform. If he becomes a free agent – he can get a boat load of money. But with the NBA cba the Cavs still remain his best option . As they can offer him the max contract of 6 years $126 million at $21 mil per yr. Where as the most any other team may well be able to offer him would be a five year deal at a higher average salary of approx $20 – $21 million per yr . But if he goes to the NY market with that sort media exposure he can maximize his earnings by way of corporate endorsements. So what’s it to be for ‘The King’ ? Cleveland or New York ? Who can say ? Only LeBron and his business people know but this is certain it’ll be preducated upon the success he attain this season . As to what his final decision will be.

    It’s not yet etched in stone but he may be thinking about enrolling LBJ Jr and Bryce in a private school in the Manhattan area . Wha’d ya think ?

    Alan Parkins

    • chappy81

      Yup, should be another fun season! Hopefully the Lake show will fall back to earth! I’m not sure what Lebron’s doing after the season is over, but I assume he’ll be in Cleveland unless the Knicks have a surprisingly good season and at least make the playoffs. I think D Wade has a much better chance of landing in NY than Lebron.

      You should join us for the live blog tonight. We’re just going to have an open chat session during the Lakers Clippers game, and your comments are always welcome! The post should be up around 7 or 7:15 with a link to the chat room…

  • tophatal

    chappy 81

    If I can get some work out of the way then I’ll definitely try to chime in with a comment or two.

    Dropped this preseason NBA piece by the way.

    Give Charles Barkley His Due He Knows What He Knows And He’ll Always Be Opinionated Whether You Like Him Or Not …………

    Link here about Barkley and his post broadcast career aspirations.

    Barkley Wants To Be An NBA GM …….

    By Brian Mahoney AP Basketball Writer

    NEW YORK (AP)—Charles Barkley thinks he can do better than some of the general managers he criticizes on TV.

    The Hall of Fame player and TNT analyst said Monday he’d like his chance to run an NBA team, though he’s in no rush because he’d want the right job.

    “I think that it’d be fun to try to build my own team,” Barkley said at a luncheon, joined by studio partners Kenny Smith and Ernie Johnson. “We talk about it all the time. Sometimes we say, ‘What is that guy doing? Why did he draft that guy? Why did he make a trade for that guy?’

    “Some of these guys have done a bad job, plain and simple.”

    Click on link to read in its entirety .

    Alan Parkins

  • dyslecix

    Bring it on bitches, Lakers 09-10′ World Champs…

    SUCK IT!!

  • sportsguyby

    I’m of the die-hard Laker haters … and I have a love/hate relationship w/ Kobe! Where’s the link for the live chat?

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