Karaoke Performance Gone Wrong

Holy s**t what is going on here? I was horrified watching this god awful performance, but yet couldn’t take my eyes off it. This was one of the most perplexing four minutes of my life…hell I had to even go back and watch this again in attempt to really comprehend the subtitles that were flashing across the screen at me.

I need a stiff drink.

3 responses to “Karaoke Performance Gone Wrong

  • mceezy

    The boy brought it HOME! Thanks for posting, I’d seen this before but not with the phenomenal subtitles! If I’m not mistaken, this kid has a whole catalog of “hits” on “youtoo”

  • Le3ts

    HA! Man i love to watch terrible things like this. I just boggles my mind that people get the notion that they are good at whatever they do. HA! But hey, who knows, maybe this will become a snowball affect and make him an internet success like it has done for so many other joes.

    Thanks for that. I was shaking my head at my desk! LoL

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