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WiffleBall California

A couple weeks ago I got to take part in a little spring training for the upcoming wiffle ball season. In case you missed it back in December, Golden Stick Wiffle Ball League is expanding into Northern California next year. Here’s some highlights courtesy of Tony Wagoner. I’m the guy taking all the called strike threes looking, but make no mistake about it, those other guys are some ballers. There’s some filthy stuff here.

If you’re in Northern California – from Santa Cruz to Alturas, Crescent City to Visalia – check out www.wifflebawl.com for more information on tournaments, leagues, etc.

Golden Stick Nor Cal Spring Training Underway

In case you missed the last post, Golden Stick Wiffleball is expanding into Northern California this year. The first preseason tournament was held last weekend in Davis, CA. Check out the highlights if you missed it….

Here’s the good news…. GSWL is hosting another tournament on May 15th in the East Bay. There’s a couple spots left at the time of posting, so email sylvie@wifflebawl.com for more information. This might be the last chance to get some games in before league play starts!

For more information about the league, visit www.wifflebawl.com

Golden Stick Wiffleball League Coming to California!

Exciting news out of the Northeast as Golden Stick Wiffle Ball is expanding next year. A little less than a year ago, a couple friends and I were having a couple beers, perusing Youtube, when we came across some videos of guys throwing ridiculous stuff with wiffle balls. We were amazed at the junk you could throw with those little plastic balls. A couple minutes later, we were out in the alley by my house throwing unhittable breaking balls to each other until 2am. I looked into Wiffle Ball leagues in my area and was surprised to find there are none. Chappy suggested Fast Plastic, a league he had played in previously in the Los Angeles Area. Unfortunately, they don’t have a league in the Sacramento region. The league that stood out to me was Golden Stick. Their leagues were out in Massachusetts and New York, but it was clear that GSWL is the NFL to Fast Plastic’s CFL.

Fast forward to December, and I found myself watching more wiffle ball videos – this time highlights of Golden Stick’s playoffs. Now, I’ve been known to watch basketball and wanna hit the hardwood, but it doesn’t even compare to how much watching wiffle ball highlights makes you feel like wanting to grab some plastic and head outside. Seeing as how I was knee deep in snow upon stepping outside, I thought I’d pop over to GSWL’s website and see if by some crazy chance they were expanding into CA. Amazingly enough, they are!

That’s right. Next summer, Golden Stick will be in Northern California! Teams are forming right now from Chico to Sacramento to San Francisco. Since this is actually going to become reality, I checked out the league further and was blown away by what I saw. This isn’t exactly the same wiffle ball game you played as a kid. We’re talking jerseys with professional logos and names and numbers. The website has standings and statistics that make my rec basketball league look like the local newspaper in the small town I grew up in. And the ultimate prize – an all-expense paid trip to Las Vegas for regional winners to compete for the National Championship.

If you haven’t done so yet, head over to Youtube and watch a video or two. Makes you wanna get out and hurl some 70 mph plastic at your buddy’s face. The best part is watching his knees buckle while the ball breaks right in over the plate. I’m ready to get out there and see if anyone can hit me. The league starts in June 2010. GSWL is expanding into other markets as well, so definitely check out the site to see if it’s coming to your area.

Here are some links if you’re looking for more information…..

Golden Stick Home Page: http://www.goldenstickwiffle.com/phpwcms/index.php

For information about the NorCal Region, e-mail….

SF Bay Area – Sylvie Serrano at raiders38002003@yahoo.com

Sacramento/Yuba City/Chico – Steven Underwood at s.underwood@goldenstickwiffle.com

Is Pat Leahy More Unhittable Than CC?

About two years ago I joined a wiffle ball team, and it was pretty fun, and surprisingly competitive. I thought that it was pretty amazing that guys were throwing a wiffle ball that weighs an ounce forty feet at upwards of 50 mph! I’m not saying that it hurts to get hit by the ball, but I did get a few welts here and there from pitches. Although I only had one glorious wiffle season it made me respect guys that could make the ball go where they wanted it to. The video above is 2008 first round draft pick Pat Leahy. Yes, they do have drafts and free agency in wiffle ball. I guess it’s getting to be pretty big over on the east coast, where they do take it pretty damn serious! Fast Plastic is a growing league, and might be something worth checking to see if they have it in your area. Everything’s worth trying once!