Doin the NBA Two Step

This looks like a fitting new logo for the league. Why keep the old one that has someone dribbling!?!

This looks like a fitting new logo for the league. Why keep the old one that has someone dribbling!?!

This shouldn’t really change the NBA much, but they officially put it in the rulebook so it’s now allowable to take two steps reported by ESPN. I guess this is good since guys ALREADY take two steps pretty much every time they drive to the hole. I think the NBA just wanted to make it clear in the rule book that the decades of taking two plus steps is now a legal move. It’s been reported in the past that the refs were supposed to ignore that “one step” rule to some extent allowing players two steps. Some say it’s to promote more scoring and more interesting games, so if that’s the case are refs going to let three steps go now?!? I wonder why they are just changing the rule now just two weeks before the season. I guess they wanted to keep those replacement refs on their toes! They’ve already eliminated the hand check rule to help out scoring in games, so maybe the next move doesn’t included dribbling at all! Are we heading toward jungle ball or something? I guess this can only help my Warriors as they don’t even play defense, so maybe that extra step will help them average 120 a game! On second thought looking at this clip I doubt anything will change since a lot of guys didn’t even get called for three steps…

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8 responses to “Doin the NBA Two Step

  • tophatal


    The real problem within the NBA isn’t the lack of scoring. It has more to do with the fact that they’re but a few players that one could name on one hand that most of us would like to see on a day in day out basis. Unfortunately rather than marketing the teams over the last decade and a half . Stern would rather market the personalities of but a few stars and and leave the league ultimately bereft of real supporters. Hence one of the reasons for lowering attendances at their games.

    Thanks for the comments concerning the California piece concerning the return of the NFL there. I responded to your comment.

    Dropped this socio op-ed piece in light of what took place in Louisiana recently.

    We’re Still Livining In The Dark Ages …………..

    Alan Parkins

    • chappy81

      I honestly don’t believe the argument that they’re trying to drive scores up, but I think Jordan revolutionized the marketing aspect and the shift away from focusing on the team to the individual during his era. It worked out so well financially for the NBA that they have stuck to that mold trying to promote the next Jordan when any rookie or new superstar comes on the scene. I think the real followers of the NBA know more than a handful of names…

      • tophatal


        If you remember the mess that the NBA was in when they tried to use the rap genre to entice the fans ? Much of that was to the detriment of its corporate patrons on Madison Ave and its core base of fans. Now with Kobe in the waning years of his career and the fact that LeBron remains more of an enigma , having not won anything of note. The NBA could be in for some lean years in the near future. They’d better hope that this year that LeBron and Shaq do rise like cream to the top. Otherwise it could very well be lights out. They can’t solely rely on Kobe and the Lakers to be their bread and butter.

        The Celtics are an aging team and the Magic will only go as far as Superman can take them . And that’s even with the advent of the addition of Vinsanity. So where does that ultimately leave the league ? Is it really all that attractive once you take away Kobe and LeBron ?

        Alan Parkins

        • chappy81

          Yeah, and then they made the players get rid of their rap affiliation by making them wear suits all the time!

          If I was the league, I’d be pretty excited about some of the young guys like Kevin Durant and Derrick Rose who have superstar crunch time guy written all over them. How come you don’t think guys like Dwayne Wade (who has won a championship), Chris Paul, Brandon Roy, Chauncey, Melo, Duncan and Parkercan be icons? There’s a lot of guys in the league that are fun to watch, and market to the fans, so I’m not sure what’s with the lame Kobe and Lebron lovefest the media feeds us. I think you’ve been sucked into the hype.

  • sportsguyby

    LOL, nice logo! The NBA made it official, huh? Like you said, doesn’t really change much! LOL! Now LeBron’s explanation of the crab dribble makes more sense!

    Great clip by the way.

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  • Philly Blunt

    Yeah, not much should change. It seems stupid to even change it…

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