How good was tonight for baseball?

I don’t even know where to start with all the wild games that just went down, so I won’t try to tell you since you’ve already probably seen the highlights by now, and if you haven’t you better flip on the TV, and check out one of the wildest last days of the season in MLB history. Everynight in baseball you can see something you’ve never seen, but I doubt I’ll ever see something that will duplicate tonight. The Rays alone could probably write Moneyball II about this season after their biggest signings in the off-season were Damon and Manny. They also lost pretty much their entire bullpen along with a handful of quality players. I’ve always liked Dan Johnson (grew up with the A’s). Mceezy and I definitely had a texting frenzy when he went deep to tie the game. The Cards were in the least exciting game of the day, but they survived tons of injuries and pushed their way into the playoffs. Are the Red Sox back to being cursed? Doubt it, but I bet we’ll hear Boston start complaining about being cursed again if this becomes a trend or maybe even if it doesn’t. I think the Braves are much more cursed of the two losers on this wild Wednesday. In the end, the Braves relied a little too much on rookies, this won’t be the last we see of them. The first thing I thought about tonight was, they better do a 30 for 30 on the two 9 game comebacks, and this crazy finale on the last day of the season. It has to be better than the Bartman crap they gave us this week (which I gave up on after 15 minutes).

Having one of the craziest days in baseball history has me more fired up for the playoffs than I thought I’d be with relatively no rooting interest. I guess I kinda like Detroit, but that’s not even set in stone. I really tuned out for a few weeks and wasn’t paying attention at all except for an A’s update or Matt Kemp’s triple crown watch, then BAM the wild card races were actually interesting last week. I guess this means we don’t need to add another wild card spot to the mix, Bud. It also shows that every game does matter. Even the game Matt Kemp won’t play because it’s not being made up after a rainout against the Nationals, could’ve been the game that got him to be a 40-40 guy. Also, Reyes is weak for leaving in the first today after he got a bunt hit. Any thoughts or comments are welcome, because I think I’m just rambling after what I just saw!

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24 responses to “How good was tonight for baseball?

  • tophatal


    That has to be the most phenomenal night of baseball in recent history . Damn it was exciting stuff all night long ! Totally unbelievable !

    And the Braves oops ………. oh well it’s back to the drawing board .

    Never Too Late To Apologize It’s All In How You Say It ..

    Pick ’em At Your Peril ………

    tophatal ………..

    • chappy81

      Yeah, I wasn’t even sure if I should write a post, but I was so fired up I had to get some thoughts out hahaha!

      • tophatal


        I’m feeling a sense of disappointment with regard to the Braves ! But at the same time I just can’t believe what I witnessed . I was trying to do some work and I have the flat screen with PIP (picture-in-picture) showing the games . I couldn’t continue to work so I essentially shut down the laptop and watched the games unfold. If I’m a Yankees’ fan I would be extremely worried about this team and the way they folded . They’re up “7-0 ” and end up losing to the Rays 8-7 .

        Can’t wait for the postseason to begin ! Hopefully these series will live up to what we’ve witnessed over the last 48 hours.

        tophatal ……….

        • chappy81

          Eh, if I was the Yankees I wouldn’t worry. In a normal game Rivera would’ve been out there in the ninth, not a weak AAA pitcher. Who knows maybe they just wanted to screw the Red Sox over hahaha!

      • tophatal


        Last night’s events were enough to drive any sane fan to take up recreational drugs or go on another drinking binge ! Been there but only done one of those things …. and no it wasn’t the drugs . LOL,LOL,LOL !!! Once the divorce became final I had to do something to make me feel good !

        tophatal …………

  • sportsattitudes

    I decided to watch MLB Network because I wanted to see every at bat from each game right after it happened. They were flying back and forth from pitch to pitch, game to game. Absolute insanity. If it wasn’t the wildest night in regular-season history it is a close second. We in Philadelphia enjoyed shoving the Braves off the cliff they put themselves on weeks ago. The Phils have had many a dark day in Atlanta over the years and it was quite satisfying to take that scalp.

    • chappy81

      I watched about a third on MLBTV and some on ESPN. I loved the reactions by the MLBTV guys as the night was going they looked like little kids on Christmas jumping around in the studio! I’m sure it was fun to push the Braves of the proverbial cliff, they are going to be a beast in the playoffs.

  • JW

    I’m such an old codger that I can remember first-hand the days of Charlie O. Finley and the chain-link outfield fence at Candlestick Park, and I would be lying if I didn’t say that last night was the single-most exciting four hours of baseball I’ve ever personally witnessed, and that includes Game 6 of the ’75 World Series, the ’78 Red Sox-Yankees playoff (the “Bucky F–king Dent” Game) and Game 6 of the ’86 World Series.

    Isn’t it kinda funny that all these dramatic memories involve the drama-queen Red Sox?

    • chappy81

      Well, if it beats a bunch of games that were played before I was born, I’m 100% sold on last night being the best 4 hour stretch of MLB baseball ever!

      Did you see the Bartman 30 for 30? They even somehow made that about the drama queen red sox, which was why I couldn’t watch more than 15 minutes!

      • JW

        I passed on the Bartman bio-pic…I figure its cable, I’ve got about 16,000 more shots this month to be disgusted. (11 pm ET on the Deuce tonight, by the way…)

        I know being in my 40’s makes me an “elder statesman” of the blogosphere, and it doesn’t help matters that I was a baseball fan early…I was literally watching the Dodgers on KTTV when most of the other kids were watching Sesame Street.

        As far as games in your lifetime…How about Game 7, 1991 World Series? Game 7, 2001 World Series?

        • chappy81

          Well, the 91 series I was about ten years old, so I remember it a little, but overall I can’t say it’s ingrained into my memory. Probably because it was the first time in three years my A’s weren’t in the World Series, so I’m sure that played a role in being less excited. Game 7 of 2001 was pretty amazing. It will make me never forget who Louis Gonzalez is that’s for sure.

      • mceezy

        What?! Even I enjoyed the Bill Buckner portion of the Bartman 30 for 30. But then, I was fully sucked in well before that part, so they could have showed anything and I would’ve stood pat.

  • sportsattitudes

    You know, after reading Dubs comment I feel even more confident in saying it probably was the single-most exciting four hours of baseball I’ve seen as well. I didn’t want to over-react in the moment because the most recent memories sometime overwhelm the prior ones…but geez, last night was just beautiful…

  • Ravenation, L.L.C. of North America

    Last night was the shot in the arm that baseball so desperately needed. I thought it was awesome. It’s like they were saying on baseball tonight last evening everything that happened last night was a microcosm of everything that happened in September

  • tophatal


    Even if it wasn’t Rivera thrown out there it’s got to be disconcerting to see the team give up a 7 run lead like that . Can you imagine if that game were a series’ decider then what would we be saying ?

    tophatal ………..

    • chappy81

      Cmon Al, I’m sure the Yankees won’t lose any sleep over this loss. I mean, losing this game actually helped knock out the Red Sox their arch nemisis for 500 years!!! I bet they are actually laughing a little deep down!

      • tophatal


        Put yourself in Girardi’s position and then ask yourself …… “am I pleased with what I just witnessed from my team ” ? In sports ……… they say a win is a win …….. and nothing else ought to matter .

        Even if it meant knocking out the Red Sox they now have to face the Tigers ……. no easy task ahead of them that’s for sure .

        tophatal ……

  • By

    That Yankees/Rays game had so much at stake, and for it to turn out the way it did, easily the greatest season ending game of my lifetime!

  • ChrisHumpherys (@SportsChump)

    I had a few friends that went to the game. Unfortunately, I had to work. Duty calls.

    But our bar was rockin’.

    And from what I heard from those that were still there at the end, nobody was leaving.

    Very fun night, unless you’re a Braves or Sox fan, of course.

  • Diehardsport

    Greatest excitement of baseball games I’ve ever been alive for. Still can’t believe what happened to Tampa Bay and because of the Red Sox collapse.

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