Be Careful What You Wish For, Broncos Fans

I really don’t get the Coup d’eTebow going on out in Denver. Well, I do, but I don’t get how some fans can be so disillusioned to think that replacing Kyle Orton with Tim Tebow would turn the Broncos around. I wasn’t going to chime in when the fans were already chanting Te-bow in the season opener, but now I hear some wealthier fans are actually taking up billboards.  I don’t think the Broncos front office is trying to keep Tebow off the field. All the chatter at the beginning of training camp was that he would be the starter. Then he fell to number 2, then to 2B, next to Brady Quinn. Clearly Tebow played his way off the field. Surely the front office would LOVE to put their most marketable player out their on the field. Shoot, if he played even with Kyle Orton, they’d probably give him the nod. Obviously, playing Tebow is simply not a good football decision. It’d be like out here in Sacramento, if the NBA season ever starts, and the Kings weren’t playing Jimmer Fredette (which won’t happen). Fans would react the same, EXCEPT, they’d be smart enough NOT to call for him to play over Tyreke Evans. Fortunately in basketball it’s different and they can play together.

I got quite a heavy dose of Kyle Orton this past week, since the Broncos were opening the season against the Oakland Raiders. True, he can leave a little to be desired at times, but what I kept thinking to myself – especially in the second half, when the Te-Bow chants ridiculously started chiming on from the Mile High Crowd – was, would Tebow be making the plays that Orton isn’t? Not once did I say yes. The bad throws by Orton, I couldn’t see Tebow threading the needle any better. And even though Orton was sacked five times, Tebow, despite his well-documented scrambling skills, would not have evaded ANY of them. It’s not as though Orton was dancing around in the pocket getting chased down by 300 pounders. The Raiders defensive line (which I’m going to start calling the best in the NFL pretty soon) was simply bullrushing through the Broncos’ offensive line. Orton didn’t even have time to SEE them. What’s Tebow going to do in that situation?! I guess Denver fans want to find out. One day they probably will, and that’ll be the day the Tebow billboards will come down. Let’s just hope there’s a good-humored fan out there who’ll have the cash to replace it with a “IN with Quinn” billboard.

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12 responses to “Be Careful What You Wish For, Broncos Fans

  • classic17

    This is all awesome and all true.

  • tophatal


    The fans’ real wish is to replace both with John Elway but his bum knees can’t take the rigors of today’s NFL . Need I say anymore on the matter ?

    • mceezy

      You’re right. Teeblerone pointed it out in his… No one since John Elway has been John Elway, and the Denver fans won’t settle for less. I just worry what they’ll do after they discover Tebow isn’t Elway either. Then what

      • Teeblerone

        They burn Denver to the ground! Or whine a whole bunch and Brady Quinn hears his name chanted and feels wanted for the first time since college…

      • tophatal


        The Broncos had no takers for Orton in the offseason and that was with the front office shopping him around like a priceless piece of objet d’art . No takers so they had to play him thinking that he’d prove worthy of the status of being the starter . Now we know at best he’s simply a moderately average QB at best .

        Tebow will never be viewed as Elway or anything else for that matter ! He’s still struggling to acclimatize to the NFL and his cause isn’t being helped by the fact that the Broncos’ coaching staff simply isn’t worth a damn . And player isn’t doing himself any favors by performing so poorly during the team’s practice sessions . Josh McDaniels obviously couldn’t spot talent much less spell the damn word !

        So HBO boxing commentator Larry Merchant wants to whup Mayweather’s ass ? I wish him all the luck with that . LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

        tophatal …………

  • sportsattitudes

    I think Denver fans are so convinced their team is awful and will be for some time to come they just want to be entertained at this point. Everyone wants to win the Super Bowl but many teams know that ain’t happening once the season begins…and so do Denver fans. I know a lot of them are completely and hopelessly obsessed with the guy for whatever reason…but I think others just want to see someone who is fired up and passionate…while they are losing.

  • chappy81

    Dude, I was baffled too on them chanting Tebow’s name. If John Fox can get a guy like Jake Delhomme to the Super Bowl, I’d trust his judgement on QB’s. Should be funny to see how all this ends. I hope he plays, because it’s just funny anytime the Broncos continue sucking!

  • JW

    Orton is simply a scapegoat. Until Kyle pays defense for the Broncos, he ain’t the reason why that team blows.

  • Teeblerone

    When there was talk about trading Orton, as a Broncos fan, I was OK with it, because he has been told on more than one occasion, “you’re not our guy for the future,” and I took as a sign the team would go into rebuild mode. Part of that rebuild would be to find out what Tebow could do. If he failed (which he probably would have), then cut him and draft the quarterback you want next year.

    When they didn’t trade Orton, and Fox came out and said, “no rebuild year” and they started signing old guys to replace the old guys they let go last year, then you have to go with the best player at each position. At quarterback, that is without question Kyle Orton.

    In that game, Denver had no shot the way their offensive line playing, even if John Elway in his prime came back to play. Oakland got pressure immediately just rushing their front four, so that when they brought a safety blitz, it was almost cheating. If the Raiders play smart, they’re going to make a run on the division this year.

    I wrote a post on this same subject, with a lot of the same conclusions:

  • ChrisHumpherys (@SportsChump)

    Of course there are Tebow billboards everywhere.

    The religious right has lots of pull and plenty of spare cash to throw around..


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