When I’m Wrong I Say I’m Wrong….

A little while back I expressed my disdain over the Denver sentiment that Tim Tebow should be their starting quarterback. I understood their desire to see their entertaining young player make some plays on the field, but at the same time, I knew Kyle Orton was the safe bet to run the Broncos’ offense. This past weekend, since the 49ers were blowing out the Buccaneers, I caught a good majority of the Denver-San Diego game, and in the second half, it was clear that it was Tebow time. Down 16, Tebow made an immediate impact when called upon. All would agree that Tebow can make plays with his feet, but most would argue that that’s not a recipe for success in the NFL. I too knew Tebow could scramble with the best of em, but his arm actually impressed me in the extended time I got to see him play. After he scored a TD on his first drive with his legs, Tebow made an amazing throw on the two-point conversion attempt to Brandon Lloyd. Even though commentator Rich Gannon was able to pick Tebow’s fundamentals apart, I thought it was a perfect throw. Lloyd was nearly able to pull it in, and much credit has to be given to the defender for breaking it up. Even though Knowshon Moreno was primarily responsible for the Broncos’ next score, Timmy T led another solid drive downfield. Tebow also made some solid throws on the failed attempt to tie the game though time expired on Denver’s final drive. The bottom line is, Tim Tebow gives the Broncos just as much of a chance to win as Kyle Orton did, but brings a lot more potential for amazingness. So for that, I eat my words. I warned Denver fans to be careful what they wished for, but now I’m on board. It’s kind of like Occupy Wall Street. At first I was skeptical, but now that I see the possibilities, I’m on board. Consider me a part of Occupy Mile High.

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11 responses to “When I’m Wrong I Say I’m Wrong….

  • menacepower

    What are your thoughts on Adam Weber?? I heard he outplayed Tebow in practice and preseason.

  • tophatal


    For me it’s not about whether or not Tebow can start in the NFL but whether or not his career can be prolonged . I personally don’t feel that Meyer as his coach in college actually prepared the kid that well . Now we’re seeing although he’s passionate about playing he’s still lacking the nuances in order to make him much better . It’s now up to Fox and the coaching staff of the Broncos to bring about that improvement if the kid and the team are to succeed .

    tophatal …………

  • chappy81

    It might be too early to admit you’re wrong, but it seems like he knows how to lead a team. Here’s a funny video…

  • Teeblerone

    I was in the “Keep Orton in” camp because I also thought he was their best shot at winning games. But after watching that first half against San Diego, where he completed one pass to a wide receiver (a -5 yard screen pass) en route to only 34 yards and an interception, Orton played his way onto the bench. When you’re supposed to be the “throwing” quarterback and that’s why you’re starting ahead of the runner, you need to be able to throw the ball a little.

    As for Tebow, I think his ability to run will make him about as successful as the Wildcat was in Miami. It’ll work until teams figure out how to gameplan for him and his running and then his effectiveness will bottom out. Unfortunately, it’ll be just after Denver has invested in him as the quarterback of the future and the rebuild of the team is set back another 5 years.

    • mceezy

      That’s a good point. Broncos fans have pinned all their hopes and dreams on the guy. If it doesn’t work out, then what do they do?!

  • sportsattitudes

    I too was totally fine with Orton, Quinn and Tebow in that order when the season opened. The problem for me was the way the organization either shopped Orton or didn’t totally put the hammer down on the rumors he was being shopped. I think Denver handled the speculation of trades and promotions within the position horribly and needed to do a better job of managing expectations for Tebow. They have looked ill-prepared for “Tebow Mania” and you wonder what the hell they were thinking when they drafted him. You have to know the media would be looking for him to take the job Day One…and start trying to get the locker room to take sides and report accordingly. Now, they are apparently giving him the job as his to lose. His problem is that if he fails now he will be done in Denver. He is what he is style-wise and he won’t be able to take the pounding year after year whether or not his accuracy improves. And as Teebleone indicates above, it is a league of adjustments and once teams see more of him…we’ll eventually see less of him. Don’t get me wrong, I’m rooting for the guy to do well. I just don’t see it happening as a QB.

  • sportsattitudes

    Apologies to Teeblerone for the misspell above. My bad. Eye exam next month.

  • JW

    Like it’s Orton’s fault Denver sucks on whole wheat toast. This guy has played as well as can be expected considering what he’s had to work with, and all it takes is one bad day and they throw him under the bus.

    I don’t have anything against Tebow, but Denver sure as hell isn’t doing him any favors. Frankly, I think they took an opportunity to set the kid up to fail so John Fox and John Elway can say, “See, we were right, this kid can’t play.”

  • ChrisHumpherys (@SportsChump)

    Let’s hope they give the kid the time he needs to get comfortable under center.

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