Detroit’s Delmon Deserves Some Love

Over the past couple weeks there’s been a lot of buzz on how good the Detroit Tigers are, and I agree with the sentiment that they are a very good team. Usually the conversation goes something like Verlander is amazing, Cabrera is a great hitter, and Valverde hasn’t blown a save all season, but that doesn’t explain this recent 11 win hot streak at all because those three have been on the team all year. Could you point to Doug Fister’s addition to the rotation? Probably a little, but since they were still playing just .500 ball since he was acquired to when they got the real piece that has had them on an offensive tear, I’d say no. That piece offensive piece was Delmon Young.

Delmon had a terrible year in Minnesota. I was one of those fantasy owners that held onto him way too long hoping he’d show some glimpse of what he did last year. On August 15th the best thing that could’ve happened to him did happen when he was traded to Detroit. He was instantly inserted into the 3 hole in the lineup, just in front of Miguel Cabrera and Victor Martinez. His bat has reeked of burnt wood since the move. After making that lineup adjustment, they are an impressive 22-6. While Young was playing in Minnesota he had no protection with Mauer and Morneau always being hurt and out of the lineup, now he has a ton of protection, and is not only getting good pitches to hit, but isn’t missing many of them. Since the trade  on August 15th Delmon has hit .313 with 5 homers, 20 RBI’s, and 19 runs scored over 28 games. Is it a coincidence that Detroit has scored the most runs in the league since he joined their team? Not in my opinion since this offense was average at best before he arrived, and now it seems like everyone is hitting in thier lineup, even Miguel Cabrera has picked it up after his arrival as hard as that may be to believe. With Delmon on this team they’ve also increased their division lead from 2.5 games all the way up to their now 12.5 game lead in just a month of his presence. I just wanted to give Delmon some love since it seems like he got lost in the media when they talk about Detroit and the Verlander for CY and MVP…

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10 responses to “Detroit’s Delmon Deserves Some Love

  • tophatal

    From top to bottom that Tigers’ team is competitive ! The front office with Dombrowski is top notch ! Leyland we know to be a great manager and Young is simply proving that given the chance he can be viewed as one of the best young players in the game . ‘nough said ! Understandably he has had his off the field issues as it regards his immaturity but I think he’s come a long way from that point ! I wonder how the Rays are now feeling being as they gave up on him ?

    tophatal ……….

  • classic17

    Good post. Young has definitely had a resurgence of sorts since he went to Detroit. I wonder if he’ll “Jeff Francouer” and have a great debut with a team (Mets, Rangers) and then revert back to his normal self the next year.

    Also, I’m pretty sure the Rays don’t care too much about him since they got three decent seasons out of Matt Garza and Jason Bartlett, plus all three primary Rays outfielders have outproduced Young every year since he left. And yes, that includes Gabe Gross.

    The acquisition of Doug Fister has been huge. They’re 6-2 in his eight starts and he’s given up more than two runs just once. Fister gave up two earned runs or less in 10 starts for Seattle this year. He got wins in just two of those starts. Seattle was 4-6 in those games.

    • chappy81

      Really, Gabe Gross outperformed him!?! I know last year on the Twins he had a pretty good year with 21 homers and 112 RBI’s, which easily trumped what BJ Upton did… I’m pretty sure they have no regrets on trading him though.

      I love Fister now that he’s not pitching for the M’s against my A’s all the time. He might have been the best pitcher on the market at the trade deadline including Ubaldo! It seems like they pushed all the right buttons to make this 12 game win streak to come to fruition. They better lose soon, because I don’t want them to get to the A’s recent record of 20!

      • classic17

        If we’re talking strictly offense or fantasy numbers then no, Young beat Gross and Upton (but it’s much closer than it looks). From a fully well-rounded baseball player standpoint, Delmon Young’s defense is just atrocious while Upton’s is extremely good. Also, Young pretty much refuses to take a walk so while he hit .298 last year and Upton hit .237, Young only beat him in OBP by .011 (.333-.322). Same thing between the two this year, Young is hitting some 40 points better but has a lower OBP.

        Your A’s had better beat the Tigers once over the next four because I doubt the Orioles or Royals will stop them if they get to 16.

        • chappy81

          Good point on the OBP. Delmon is alergic to walking, but I guess it depends on what kind of hitter you want. I guess it’s pretty close as far as comparisons go, but when I looked at WAR, it looks like Upton’s (2.9 WAR) is better much than Delmon’s (0.8 WAR, Delmon had a 1.8 WAR in 2010), but he’s slightly better than Gross (0.6 WAR in 2010)…

          I think I’m going to count on Gio breaking the streak against Porcello. We’ve been hitting really well post AS break, so if we somehow don’t make errors I think we have a good shot at breaking their win streak… If we don’t take one of the first two though, I don’t see them beating Verlander in the finale…

        • classic17

          A’s win and Delmon homers? It was like a perfect night for you, haha.

          I was using Gross in 08 and 09 and then Ben Zobrist last year when Gross moved on to Oakland. Gross just happened to have two decent years in Tampa and it helped my case, Young is definitely the better player.

          I’ll be a huge Gio fan and then a huge Verlander fan as my fantasy team battles it out for first. Jose Lopez’s 2 out, 2 strike homer to break up Cliff Lee’s CGSO was agonizing.

  • chappy81

    It was a nice win-win last night haha!

    Yeah, when you mentioned Gross all I could think of was his time in Oakland, and couldn’t believe you made the comparison. I guess many bats go to Oakland to die…

    I like your chances with those two starts! Oh yeah, I remember you Cliff Lee rant now, I’m sure you are enjoying this two month hot streak! Maybe you should’ve put that post up earlier!

  • ChrisHumpherys (@SportsChump)

    Speaking of love, dude, how about what the Rays are doing.

    Like I told, Al, the last thing the Red Sox want is a one-game playoff against the boys in Blue.

    • tophatal


      Given the rest of the Rays’ schedule they’re still behind the “8 ball” .


      Did you catch any of the Mayweather Ortiz fight ? The post fight interview between Money and HBO analyst Larry Merchant was far more entertaining than the bout itself ! Merchant wanted to take Floyd out himself . I’d love to see that match-up !

      If Merchant was also 50 years younger and not suffering from sclerosis (former alcoholic) of the liver he’d probably want to lay the pipe to either Palin or Bachmann .

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