Doin ALCS Thoughts…

As I was watching the Tigers put up some runs on CJ Wilson today, it hit me, I genuinely hate the Rangers. I hope anyone BUT them wins the World Series. I guess I had so much respect for my favorite A’s coach over the past two decades, Ron Washington, that I was blinded that they were in the same division as my favorite team and was inexplicably rooting for them to succeed. I can comfortably say the A’s are now under the Curse of the Wash, and I’m no longer rooting for the Rangers to do anything good ever again. Under Nolan Ryan, they’ve been a well run organization that makes solid decisions with trades, signings, and draft picks (sucks, sucks, and sucks). I’m guessing there’s a little jealousy mixed in there. My disdain for CJ mostly came from his comments in August about how A’s fans suck, and that was the tipping point. Since then I’ve been rooting for injuries to the guy, and I can’t say that about many. Especially since he’s one of the main guys helping keep Hamilton off the junk.

All hatred aside, I honestly don’t see the Tigers being able to win the next two in Texas to take this series. They have a ton of injuries, and even home run swings are painful at times. They seem to be hanging on by a thread every inning as the Rangers constantly have men in scoring position, but one can only hope that Texas collapses and they slowly get labeled playoff chokers. If the Tigers can get to Fister for a game 7, you never know what can happen. He shut them down the Rangers offense in game 3, but I’m not entirely sure he can duplicate that in Arlington’s launching pad of a park even though he’s a ground ball pitcher.

The bottom of the 6th was the most enjoyable inning of game 5, which started with a single by Raburn. Then Miguel Cabrera bounced one off third base which went over Beltre’s head (who used Oakland’s offer as a bargaining chip this off-season) gave me a little feeling of vindication for shunning us. V-Mart’s triple was pretty solid, but the one that really got me going was Delmon Young’s second homer of the game. Maybe it’s also a little because I said the Tigers wouldn’t be where they are without Delmon about a month ago, but watching the Rangers miserable inning made me happiest I’d been all playoffs. I wasn’t sure what my point was when I started this post, but if it gave you any reasons to root against the Rangers, I think I did my job!

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12 responses to “Doin ALCS Thoughts…

  • tophatal

    That Rangers Tigers series has become mightily interesting for more reasons than most would care to admit .

    I wonder what odds are being offered in Vegas for the Cubs to reach a WS within the next five years ? I mean if Eppo’ has been brought in by the Ricketts’ family to clean house within the Cubs’ organization I can only surmise that he’ll be not only get the sheep dung out of Wrigley but also certain members of that team .


    • chappy81

      I’ve surprisingly cared about this series more than I thought I would. I guess it’s wanting to see the Rangers fail.

      I’m not sure what the odds are Theo gets that Cubs team to the playoffs next year, but they can’t be good. It’s going to be interesting to see how he cuts/trades away some of those awful contracts they have!

      • tophatal

        The Cubs’ roster has “so many pieces ” of dead weight on it that it doesn’t bear thinking about . Far too many players earning far more than they’re actually worth !

        Jim Hendry is a butthead but now that he’s been sent packing I doubt things will be turned around immediately . Mike Quade and that coaching staff just doesn’t have what it takes to guide that team to where Tom Ricketts (owner) believes they ought to be .

        I hear that the NCAA donated heartily to the new wing of Cecil Newton’s (Cam’s daddy & pimp) church ? How the ____ck can they come up with a finding that there were no major violations with regard to Auburn and Cam Newton ? No truth apparently that the investigators from the NCAA’s Infraction Committee were hearing and visually impaired .

        tophatal …….

  • Diehardsport

    Great read Chappy and I completely agree. Although it was nice seeing the runs in game 5, this Tigers team has not been producing (Avila, Jackson). I’m with you too and i really can’t stand the Rangers. Nelson Cruz is having a RIDICULOUS series. But he’s obnoxious and makes me really dislike him trotting around after a slam. Now, if the Tigers can somehow slow Cruz, get the runs on the Texas starters and leave base runners for Miguel Cabrera, they have a chance.

    • chappy81

      The Rangers have some kind of arrogance about them don’t they!?! I was thinking about some of the question marks heading into the season for the Rangers, and even ones like Michael Young worked out. I wish that guy was a little more selfish and less of a team player, and became more of a distraction… Avila woke up a little with that homer, maybe it will get him going. He’s a streaky guy, at least I’m pretty sure he is based on what I noticed owning him in fantasy this year.

  • ChrisHumpherys (@SportsChump)

    I’m pretty indifferent to this World Series but I can’t bring myself to bring myself to root for LaRussa either.

    Maybe we can have Selig end the whole thing in a tie.

  • tophatal


    So will this be a World Series that’ll pique your interest or will you simply fleetingly observe some of the event ?

    tophatal ……..

    • chappy81

      If the Rangers lose, I’ll be interested. If they win, I think I’ll try as hard as possible to not pay attention 🙂

      • tophatal


        Well if the Rangers lose it’ll be of their own making . That being said the Cardinals are a very good team . I mean they beat the snot out of the Brewers and made them look pedantic in several aspects of their game .

        I’m still laughing how the title fight ended between B-Hop and Chad Dawson ! Who knew that being body slammed by your opponent actually merits a win by the referee and the three judges adjudicating the bout ? Nevermind the fact that Hopkins having lost his title and had shoulder dislocated by the slam . Ah well that’s boxing for you ! About as worthwhile watching that sport as seeing McNabb trying to complete a third down in the red zone ! I’m not saying the Vikings are bad but there’s bad and there’s friggin’ awful ! 39-10 and the Bears if they wanted to could have put up 50 on that porous defense .

        If Jim Schwartz wants to prove he’s man then he ought to let his team speak for themselves on the field instead bitching and whining because Harbaugh and the Niners got the better of his team. I’d dare say if the roles were reversed he’s be now just as exuberant had the Lions defeated the Niners !

        tophatal ……

  • sportsattitudes

    The CJ Wilson situation is interesting because the Yankees appeared to be very interested in him as a #2 guy behind CC, assuming he sticks around. However, his post-season appearances have allegedly troubled them and now they feel he’ll be looking for #1 or #2 starter money but only want to go #3 in value. If he doesn’t do well in the WS, his value will drop off more among the big-spenders. He’ll still get his money, but perhaps not with New York or Boston.

    • chappy81

      Man, I hope he chokes and gets passed on by a bunch of teams and lands on a crappy one. I can’t believe the cards made it. Probably the most unconventional WS team I can remember. They don’t have a distinct identity except that they like using that bullpen!

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