The Story that Never Ends

Rodger Clemens and his never fading star is back in the spotlight. Just like the Barry Bonds trial, barely anyone cares from a fan standpoint. Our verdict was in years ago, and we could care less what his excuses were for doing steroids, but for some reason I care about this trial a little more than Barry’s trial. Maybe it’s because there’s two lockouts going, but I think it’s more because he called that original hearing at our (the tax payers) expense after being mentioned in the Mitchell Report. Rodger Clemens was probably one of the least important things we could’ve been worrying about during the 2009 financial crisis, but he forced his way into a hearing as he tried to deny a mountain of evidence brought against him. It was a completely unnecessary hearing that in the end made him look all the more foolish and more guilty. He could’ve sent out a statement or talked through his lawyer like his friend Andy Petite did when the Mitchell Report came out or even given up on his denials like President Clinton did with Lewinsky, but Clemens went the extra step to stay in the spotlight. Or maybe he just wanted to waste some of the tax payers money both of which are a travesty.

Now Clemens goes back to trial under different charges and not under his own will. ESPN unfortunately has picked up it’s coverage as the trial started. When the legal analyst comes on, I throw up in my mouth a little. This current trial is all because of his unnecessary hearing, that made the government realize he lied to them. If there’s one thing our law doesn’t take kindly to, it’s lying. He’s facing two counts of perjury,  three counts of false statements, and one count of obstruction of Congress, which adds up to six felonies. Strangely it’s the same amount of felonies Barry was charged with and dismissed from.

Do I care that Clemens took roids and had ass abscesses? No, and like all the other cheaters of the era I still think they should be in the HOF, but I hope the courts penalize him for wasting the courts time and money. This trial isn’t about his legacy, it’s about his arrogance, and his inability to live in a world where he isn’t a god among men. He wears his lies worse than Pinocchio, and was in a no win situation back in 2009, and looks to be in another un-winnable situation in 2011. I don’t see how he can win this trial, but just a day after Casey Anthony was acquitted, who’s to say it can’t happen for Clemens, but I hope this ruling makes more sense to everyone. Brian McNamee is no saint, but I hope the players testify that he made them aware of what they were getting injecting with by him…

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10 responses to “The Story that Never Ends

  • tophatal

    So what you’re saying is that Clemens and Brian McNamee are unlikely to have a Brokeback Moment ?

    Rocket is fighting an uphill battle but there’s a credibility issue here on both sides as the prosecution has McNamee amongst their list of witnesses. But I do believe that Pettite’s testimony will be key to this all if he still sticks to what he’s originally told the congressional members in his testimony. That could very well be the nail in Clemens’ coffin .

  • chappy81

    I think Clemens and McNamee already had their Brokeback Moment when he was in injecting him in the ass with PED’s.

    It should be interesting to see how the ex-players paint McNamee. They don’t have anything to lose by telling the truth, except maybe having to go to trial themselves…

  • tophatal


    The thing I can’t understand with Clemens is with the preponderance of evidence that there’s said to be against him why continue with the facade ? The moment that Pettite opens his mouth the jury can’t disbelieve him . He (Clemens) ought to do the right thing and simply come clean . I mean Clemens’ credibility is already shot to hell and there’s nothing his lawyer Rusty Hardin can do get it back even with a venomous and vehement defense .

    • chappy81

      Evidence mean nothing these days. I think Casey Anthony will agree as she’s breathing free air today… Hopefully they get some sensible jurors for the trial….

      • tophatal


        The evidence [in the Casey Anthony trial] wasn’t overwhelming but hell it wasn’t as if there wasn’t enough there to suggest that some malfeasance wasn’t done . Hell the child’s mouth and nasal cavity were covered in duct tape . I hardly think that was done because she had allergies ! The DA’s in the case presenting it for the state made Marcia Clarke and Chris Darden seem like geniuses in the way they presented the California’s case in the O J trial over a decade ago .

        I can still remember watching the NBA Finals vividly with friends only to have the network intervene with the now infamous white Ford Bronco with the OJ and Al Cowlings speeding down the highway in LA with half the damn police force and highway patrol following in pursuit with the helicopters above filming the whole damn spectacle ! Now OJ is doin’ time and he’s got a bosom buddy . Don’t drop the soap OJ or you’re liable to get the salad tossed .

        If the glove don’t fit you must acquit . LOL,LOL,LOL !!! God bless Johnnie Cochrane for that infamous sound byte !

        In Casey Anthony’s case you must acquit because she’s nothing but a lying wh#re and an unfit mother ! Justice isn’t just blind it’s friggin’ flawed that’s all !

  • ChrisHumpherys

    Yea, I’m really not looking forward to coverage of another trial.

    Here’s a piece I just put up re: Clemens taking it in the butt.

  • tophatal

    Chris Humpherys

    Now you’ve made the whole world amongst the homosexual community prick up their ears . Takin’ it in the butt ……….. ho hum !

  • tophatal

    Clemens’ lawyer Rusty Hardin believes implicitly in his client but he’s now hoping to hear from Jorge Baez (lawyer for now recently cleared Casey Anthony ) to see if he’ll be the co lead attorney in the case .

  • tophatal


    I don’t want to put a downer on your weekend but perhaps you’re right the NFL strike ought to go on longer . Gil Brandt Cowboys’ personnel consultant is saying that he believes Favre will want back into the NFL this upcoming season. What the hell have the fans done to deserve this if it’s said to be true ?

    tophatal ………….

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