Daily Archives: July 22, 2011

Tiger and Stevie Break Up


What better place to find a reasonable explanation of why Tiger fired Stevie than the Taiwanese re-creation. According to this video the breakup is because Tiger clubbed women coming out of the ground, then his putter went limp, then he karate kicked Stevie Williams out of his life! I’m not really positive what happened between the two, but we all could see it coming. Stevie kept carrying Adam Scott’s bag. Hurt or not, Stevie should’ve stuck by the man that made everyday people actually know a caddies name. Let’s face it, those two both have pretty big egos, and neither is going to like being shown up.  I mean his ego was so inflated from living off Tiger’s success, he even called Tiger out saying “He’ll have to earn my trust back.” just after the first dozen mistresses came out. Really, you’re going to call out the guy that made you relevant. Like you didn’t know something was going on the side. That would’ve pissed me off if I was Tiger, and from that point on the writing was on the wall. It’s not like Tiger will have a hard time finding someone to carry his bag. Oh, Tiger if you happen to read this. I’d be happy to carry your bag and study course layouts to tell you how to attack the pins. I’ll even go on Kenny Powers like rants for you on the course, so I look like the asshat.