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Doin Reviews: Transformers 3

Hope everyone had a good holiday weekend. I spent most of it sick, but still had a good time celebrating our independence. I don’t really go to very many movies in the theatre, but seem to usually hit up a few summer blockbusters since friends seem to like to go to them when it’s unbearably hot outside.

Overall Transformers: Dark of the Moon, was what you’d expect. 70% action, 19% cheesy LaBeouf/Duhmel acting, and 11% plot building, so if I have to give it a grade I’d give it a B. I liked the movie overall, and have been a Transformers fan since I was in diapers. The graphics were spectacular, so if you’re simply into action and graphics it’s a movie you should see, as Michael Bay seems to work magic with the green screens. The plot was actually decent as they used old school events from Roswell to a conspiracy theory of our reasons for landing on the moon before the Russians. I also enjoyed Sam Wikwikki’s (sp?) job hunt, and how he had the I saved mankind and still can’t find a job chip on his shoulder. His new girlfriend, Rosie Huntington Whitley formerly a Victoria’s Secret model, isn’t too hard on the eyes for a couple hours to boot.

On the other side of the coin though I thought it was excessively long  (maybe it was being sick), but my other friends also thought they should’ve shortened it by a good half hour of needless scenes. I totally understand the final battle between the autobots and the decepticons should be longer than all of the other fights, but it felt like the last scene lasted for half the movie. I’m sure the producers were strongly against cutting any of the million dollar CGI scenes that left the Chicago skyline decimated, but c’mon we all know who is going to win! The only other thing I hated about the fighting in the movie is that some of the robots spewed red blood-like liquid when they were struck or shot. Really!?! Robots spewing blood?!? Some spewed out a yellowish liquid when they were stabbed or “cut”, which for some reason makes more sense to me like it was some discolored ani-freeze. Personally I would’ve like to see the transformers just spew black oil instead of colorful liquids, because it seemed like they were trying a little too hard to make the robots look/be more human. If you need to get out of the heat for an afternoon, Transformers wasn’t a bad way to do it.