Doin MLB Power Rankings

With two and a half full weeks gone in the MLB season we find ourselves about 10% of the way through the season. It’s time for some waaay too early power rankings! I’ve seen way too many baseball games thanks to the free MLB package preview those first two weeks. Thankfully that’s over, so I don’t find myself watching a Marlins vs. Astros game anymore (which is probably for the better). For some reason I’ve been more focused on baseball more than the opening games this weekend of the NBA playoffs. Anyways, this might be the most accurate power rankings I’ll have all year because I’ve actually seen almost all the teams play. There are some shocking teams already in this young season, and for now this is how the top 16 shakes out!

#1 Colorado Rockies (12-4) – Whoa, I thought they’d be pretty good this year, which is why I picked them to win the NL West, but didn’t see this torrid start coming. Tulo is on pace to hit over 80 homers this year. If he keeps that pace up, they might be able to stay atop these rankings for awhile.

#2 Cleveland Indians (12-4) – Mceezy’s pick to win the World Series. I was very skeptical of this team and his pick, but they’ve got some swagger and confidence early in the year. Also, one guy who always seems to be in the playoffs, Orlando Cabrera is on their team. Wherever he goes, they make the playoffs except when he was on the A’s for half a year and didn’t make it… Grady is back, and that’s only going to help them.

#3 New York Yankees (9-5) – Is there starting pitching ever not a question mark? It doesn’t seem to matter that much when you put up runs like this lineup can. AJ Burnett is off to a good start, so maybe he doesn’t suck after all. Would I move Jeter down in the lineup? Yes!

#4 Texas Rangers (11-5) – They’ve lost two straight series (one to the Yankees), but keep on mashing the ball with or without Hamilton in the lineup. Anytime you are scoring as much as them you have a chance to win in every game. Their starting rotation is a concern, and the bullpen is even more of a concern, we’ll see what happens with that. Hopefully it will spell their doom.

#5 Philadelphia Phillies (10-5) – Not an exciting offense anymore, but you only need to score a few runs with that pitching staff. I might have underestimated how good they are with or without Chase Utley and Jayson Werth. I guess I should’ve probably picked them to win the NL East… 

#6  Kansas City Royals (10-6) – Yup, the Royals are in the top ten for the first time in who knows how long. They are battling it out with the Indians for the AL Central. Words I never thought I’d write. I gave them the nod over the Angels, because well, they swept them earlier this year. Alex Gordon seems hell bent on proving he wasn’t the most disappointing player drafted in the top 10 picks of 2005, and what a list it is.

#7 Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (10-6) – Pre-season, I was actually more worried about the Angels than the Rangers in the A’s division, but was hoping it wasn’t both. Unfortunately it has been both so far, and they’ve been the team that we saw dominate the division over the last few years.  If they could get over the fact that Brandon Wood sucks, they’d be even better off. Haren and Weaver are about as dominating a duo as you’ll find.

#8 San Francisco Giants (9-7) – The champs starting pitchers seemed to have picked up where they left off, and that would be dominating opposing hitters. Doubt they’ll miss Zito that much as he heads to the DL. The resurgent Panda could pay huge dividends sooner than later.

#9 Cincinnati Reds (9-7) – Comeback wins are their MO, and they are sticking with that with multiple come from behind wins already in the young season. It was troubling to see my mancrush Arlondis Chapman losing velocity by being overworked by Dusty Baker, but that aside, this team is sailing. They might set some of those runs scored records that the Red Sox were supposed to do this year.

#10 Florida Marlins (8-6) – This team is hard to figure out since they have a lot of young guys that don’t have a ton of experience, just upside. They seem to have power and pitching, but at the same time you don’t feel like they should be the favorite in any game.

#11 Los Angeles Dodgers (8-9) – Even with McCourt trying to ruin this team they are still playing some great baseball. Matt Kemp looks like he wants to shed those rumors that he sucked last year, and is doing it by hitting everything he sees. Kershaw has been outstanding. They are a solid team all the way around, and it may have been a mistake to count them out before the season started.

#12 Oakland Athletics (8-8) – Maybe a little high, but their starters are no fluke rolling out a 2.13 ERA to lead all of baseball. Still not much hitting to speak of, but it’s been mildly better than last year.

#13 Tampa Bay Rays (7-9) – Hopefully Johnny Walkoff’s injury isn’t too serious. It’s crazy the second place team in the all mighty AL East is actually under .500. That probably won’t last too long, but as of now I can’t give much love to anyone in that division so I may as well plug the Rays petition for a new stadium. Sign it if you care…

#14(A,B,C,and D) Milwaukee Brewers, St. Louis Cardinals, Pittsburgh Pirates, and Chicago Cubs. (8-8)  I couldn’t decide which one of these teams to put on the top 16 and which to leave out, so I picked all four. The Brew Crew I feel has the best chances of breaking away from the pack. Braun is destroying the ball, and they get Greinke back soon. The Cards are second, because of their track record even though they have plenty to worry about they always seem to be in contention. The Pirates are third, because they never are this high in rankings. The Cubs are last of the 8-8 teams because they are straight up cursed…

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8 responses to “Doin MLB Power Rankings

  • tophatal


    Too early in the season to be worried ’bout rankings this isn’t college football ! LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

    Courtesy of USA Today

    NBA keeps coaches silent on free throws for home teams

    Complaining about officiating is an NBA playoff tradition — one that sometimes comes with a monetary transfer from a coach’s bank account to the league.

    Nate McMillan has been the NBA’s latest victim for criticizing officials after games. McMillan was fined $35,000 for his public comments.

    After Portland Trail Blazers coach Nate McMillan bemoaned the Dallas Mavericks’ 19-2 fourth-quarter advantage in free throws in Saturday’s Game 1, the NBA fined him $35,000 on Monday for “public comments about the officiating.”

    HEAT STAY HOT: Smother Sixers
    ADELMAN OUT: Rockets let coach go

    In the eight playoff series openers, home teams enjoyed a 256-189 edge in free throws attempted, including a 130-74 advantage in Saturday’s four games.

    Philadelphia 76ers coach Doug Collins skirted the issue after his team’s Game 1 loss to the Miami Heat. Asked to address Miami’s 39-15 edge in free throws, Collins said, “I could. But my grandkids would lose their college fund.”

    Though some coaches might think referees favor one team or another, style of play is probably a bigger factor

    Click on link to read the article in full .


    The NBA Playoffs has already started its postseason controversies as usual while Stern makes sure that the coaches remain absolutely silent on the issue .

    The refs are doing a disservice to the game and the fans while Stern continues to condone their sheer ineptitude !

    tophatal …………

    • chappy81

      We rank everything Al, that’s just what we do. I figured since I’ve seen almost all these teams play a little here and there this would be the most accurate power rankings I’ll ever make!

      I’m not surprised people are already groaning about the officiating. It’s only going to get worse!

      • tophatal


        The scary thing with the officiating in the NBA Playoffs is that it could get a great deal worse ! All the while Stern will still be condoning the refs as being above reproach when we all know that there are hearing and vision impaired students at Gallaudet University (school for the visually and hearing impaired ) who could do and perform better than those oafs !

        Perhaps by mid May or June there’d be more justification for a rankings system for the league . Teams are still playing themselves into some modicum of form .

        So the Rockets get rid of Adelman ? Does that mean Yao’s time with them is about to abruptly end as well ? Those injuries have hampered his career far more than even he would care to readily admit !

        tophatal ……….

  • classic17

    I don’t think any of the NL Central teams should be ranked yet. Other than one or two players on each team, all of them have been really….eh. Though I guess being ranked 14-17 is exactly mediocre so maybe you nailed it.

    The team that you have on here that I don’t like at all is the Dodgers. Kemp is great, Eithier has been good, but no one else on that team hits. Kershaw has been good, but everyone else, especially John Broxton have been shaky. They’ve got every opportunity to turn it around, but I still haven’t liked what I’ve seen.

    • chappy81

      Yeah, I guess your probably right on the Dodgers. They got destroyed by the Cards, and probably should’ve been competitive to make it that high on the list. I guess I gave them some credit for beating some of the Giants good pitchers to have a 4-3 record against them so far… Lilly seems like he’s finding his groove, but your right their pitching isn’t very good!

  • Chris Humpherys

    Boy, Baltimore sure faded fast, huh?

    Only one AL East team in the Top 12.

    Can’t say I argue with that.

    You’ll love the shot I take at the division in my upcoming post.

    Stay tuned… and enjoy your playoffs.

    • chappy81

      Yeah they did. I think they made too much of their offense built around a bunch of under achievers and old guys…

      I’m glad the A’s beat the Sox last night to confirm that they were worthy of the 12 spot!

      Looking forward to yours or any post that rips on the AL East…

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