Daily Archives: April 28, 2011

The Next Weird Al?

Growing up I loved Weird Al Yankovic. He made fun of popular songs in a way we’d never really seen on a commercial level. Sometimes he’d make fun of the artist, or just make an entirely different song up. Either way at 7 or 8 years old he was my favorite comedian/spoof singer. I know I listened to Trigger Happy about 50 times with Mceezy when “Off the Deep End” came out. The albums that followed weren’t nearly as good in my opinion. Maybe he ran out of jokes or maybe I grew up a little and found his comedy unsophisticated, who knows. I’ve been waiting for a long time for someone to come out with some parody songs on the songs that are out today, because let’s face it, this crappy music generation is really easy to make fun of. I thought The Dan Band had a shot to fill that void in my life, but I’m not sure he even knows what he’s going to sing before he gets on the stage, and I need some structure! I ran across the SnakesĀ and the song above hit close to home. Pretty much everyone I talk to that is out of college wishes they were back in college during those simpler times. I couldn’t agree more, and if I could I’d be in college forever. Hopefully the Snakes will become the next comedic music-men I’ve been looking for. Based on the other songs on their site, I’m not completely sold on them. Atleast they came up with one classic, and at the perfect time as Michael Scott has his last episode on the office tonight!

Danilo Does What?

I was thoroughly confused when someone sent me a link to this clip above. It was funny, but didn’t make much sense. After checking out the Facebook site it all made sense when I watched Lebron take a sheet!