Tom Cable Out in Oakland

ESPN’s Adam Schefter tweeted that the Raiders have informed Tom Cable they won’t be picking up his option. Don’t worry everyone, I don’t follow Schefter, or anyone for that matter, on Twitter. I just happened to catch it on their tweetfeed…..

Does that mean Hue Jackson will be taking over or are the Raiders going in a completely nonsensical different direction? Nothing would surprise me at this point….

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16 responses to “Tom Cable Out in Oakland

  • chappy81

    I think Al was right when he fired Kiffin, but don’t think he’s right with this firing. He had them playing together, and now, who knows if they’ll respect and play for Al’s next puppet… It should be a wild ride to until someone comes in and coaches the team. Who knows, maybe Al thinks there will be a lockout and will assume head coaching responsibilities for the time being!

  • Chris Humpherys

    Sure hope they have a better option in mind.

    I think the Giants co-owner, John Mara, recently said it best, and I paraphrase “You only fire coaches when their players are no longer responding to them.”

    I don’t think that had happened in Oakland. If anything, it was the opposite.

    Davis may very well regret this decision but then again, it’s not like he has a near perfect record in decision-making.

    • mceezy

      I can only hope they’ve got some sort of trick up their sleeve. Hue Jackson seemed like the obvious choice, but they’re letting the 49ers talk to him, so who knows…

  • tophatal


    Davis has made a profound mistake here even if it’s being alleged that he was scared of losing offensive coordinator HueJackson who’s now been given the position of head coach. Apparently the both the Dolphins and Browns had asked for permission to interview him and gauge his interest in their positions . Albeit that the Dolphins haven’t made a public decision concerning Sparano .

    This all could come back to bite the Raiders in the proverbial a_s !

    tophatal …………

  • JW

    Al realizes that no “real” coach will take this job because of Al, right?

  • Ravenation, L.L.C. of North America


    I was puzzled by this move, but for some reason it doesn’t shock me a whole lot. Al Davis is so out of it, it’s virtually impossible to be shocked to by anything that he does at this point. I agree that Kiffin was never even a good hire to begin with, but now what? Now what do they do? What is he goijng to offer Harbaugh the job? Harbaugh will choke him to death! (Hey, wait minute…we might be on to something here)


    “I think the Giants co-owner, John Mara, recently said it best, and I paraphrase “You only fire coaches when their players are no longer responding to them.” ”

    I agree this is a very good quote, but it’s kind of ironic coming from the Giants camp seeing as how they haven’t listened to a damn thing Coughlin has said since the won the Super Bowl a few years back. Source: Die hard Giants fan


    • chappy81

      Yeah, there’s no telling what Al will ever do. I heard a funny argument on the radio today that was. Would you rather have Al Davis or Donald Sterling as your owner right now? I guess I’ll still take Davis, because he does truly care about winning even if his actions don’t always reflect that. He’s just way too involved for an owner and thinks he’s making good decisions, too bad it’s not 1990 anymore or they’d probably be the right moves. Sterling hangs back and doesn’t care about winning. I guess I’d rather have my owner fault on the side of trying too hard than not trying at all! The scariest part about the firing is how the free agents we have might not sign on now…

  • Ravenation, L.L.C. of North America

    Whenever you can a coach, if there is a large group of players that love him, you’re going to end up with some free agents taking off.

    I’d probably still take Davis over Sterling. Davis is fucking insane, but at least he is serious about winning.


  • tophatal


    If there’s intent on Davis’ part to win then why all the inconsistency as to the coaching hirings and changes ? This season there’s been gradual improvement under Cable but you must’ve known that this ship was sinking when Al hitched his wagon to JaMarcus Russell even in light of the kid’s poor play ? He might as well have hitched it Lindsay Lohan’s ass for all that it’d have mattered !

    This season it’s been the injuries and the inconsistent play of Campbell that has at times let the team down.

    tophatal ……..

    • Ravenation, L.L.C. of North America

      Well, because spending money and having a dedication to winning doesn’t always translate to winning. In some cases (New York Yankees) it can, but not every team is as successful as that example.

      The coaching changes and other inconsistencies are part of the gig.


      • tophatal


        Other than the Yankees and Red Sox there’s no other major professional sports franchise that has the financial clout to spend money. Each has their very own cable sports network and all the monies derived there can be invested in their respective teams and they can also write off that expenditure as they deem fit ………. allowed by the IRS

        In recent years Davis and the Raiders have had more misses than hits and it’s only within the last three years that they’ve recently had some semblance of having a team that can actually produce. Now they’re about to cut the best player they have ………… Asomugha ?

        When you have that many changes in terms of the coaching personnel it only adds to the inconsistency and creates turmoil in the locker room. You think that the Raiders players are entirely happy ? One step forward and then two steps back that’s how it’s been for the franchise ever since Gruden left .

        If this (Raiders being traded on Wall St) were a Fortune 500 company it’d have been bankrupt long ago !

        tophatal ………….

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