Doin Reviews: After the Last Round

Wow, two boxing posts within two weeks is easily a record for Doin Work! This one doesn’t really have to do with any current boxers, and is merely a quick review of a documentary that one of my former college roomates made. I was in Santa Barbra over Memorial Day Weekend visiting my college friend, Pat Moyer. I’ve been bugging him to get me a copy of his documentary for a LONG time. And by long time I mean since 2008 when I went to SB to see the movie premier, but finally he remembered to give me a copy. I was impressed with the movie the first time I saw it, and thought he and Ryan Petty did a great job of showing what effects boxing has on people mentally and physically after they hang up the gloves. The second time I saw it I liked it more than the first or maybe it was so long ago that I kinda forgot how good it was. Anyways, long story short, I was able to grab a DVD from him, and after watching it, I thought since we had the blog it was as good as anyplace to get the word out about it.

The reason my friend Pat was inspired to make the documentary in the first place was because Denny and Phil Moyer are his grandpa’s brothers. Denny Moyer was the first ever light weight champion, and had a great boxing career. Phil was a little less successful, but was also a good fighter that held his own for quite some time. The documentary shows the ways the brain is damaged, and it takes you through the mentality of different boxers while they are in the ring, and what they are like after they retire. You could even call it a more brutal sport than MMA. There’s nothing crazier than watching Phil and Denny in a clinic walking hand in hand with bike helmets on. Their 90-year old father, Harry Moyer, is much more functional than his sons and tries to see if they remember him, which they seem to but you’re not entirely sure. Harry was their trainer and coach throughout their careers, and still has his head on straight. Phil and Denny were less fortunate, and the power of that footage was crazy. The documentary also follows other boxers, some that are still in the ring, and some retired. If you ever wanted a closer look into boxing without the Hollywood storybook endings like we see in Rocky I-X, this film is perfect for you.

The movie also has tons of great boxing footage (aka: devastating knockouts) that any fight fan can appreciate, and to top it off, all of the proceeds that are made from the movie go the the Retired Boxers Foundation. They haven’t had a mass release of the film, because they’ve had trouble finding a solid distributor, but for the moment, you can follow the instructions below and get a copy if you’re interested. The money being donated goes to a great cause, because just like the NFL, nobody takes care of older retired boxers.


To receive the film: 

Go to  and click DONATE  (upper left side of website under logo) on the homepage, then enter an amount of $15 or more.  If your mailing address if different than the one provided by PayPal, click ‘Add special instructions to the seller’ on the payment confirmation page and enter a new address. They will send you a free private screener right away. All donations are tax-deductable. 

We would also like to thank everyone for their patience with the film. We are still seeking distribution and hope to continue to build momentum with this project.

You will feel good knowing your donation as gone to help a good cause. Now go donate and enjoy the film! Ryan Pettey-Director -After The Last Round

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11 responses to “Doin Reviews: After the Last Round

  • frisör i göteborg

    frisör i göteborg…

    […]i F1 in Singapore is highlight of the year uy[…]…

  • tophatal


    The likes of Arum and King the two pre-eminent promoters in the sport of boxing have done little to support the boxer who’ve suffered over the years. And as a whole all of the governing bodies to a degree have been less amenable . Albeit I do know for a fact that the British Boxing Board of Control in recent years has been proactive and they’ve set up various programs to assist current and former fighters who’ve suffered chronic neurological disorders related to the sport. MMA is nowhere near as barbaric as boxing and bear in mind that UFC is the biggest promoter in N America does far more than even many of the various state boxing commissions does more in safe guarding the safety of a fighter . If anything they go above and beyond what’s asked of them in their sanctioned bouts .

    tophatal ….

    • chappy81

      That’s good there’s a support system set up for British Boxing. I think the main reason boxing is full of scoundrels is there’s no real commisioner just promoters. If they had someone to make sure there’s a middle class, then there would be more structure and possibly even a retirement fund. I don’t see that ever happening, which is especially disturbing since boxing is more brutal than MMA as far as brain injuries go.

  • tophatal


    Are you interested to see Mayweather’s return to the ring ? But someone inside his ranks and a dumb ass promoter believes that the fans still want to see him fight again . Personally this spousal beating mutha’ fu##er’ ought have his ass locked in jail .

    tophatal …..

    • chappy81

      I hope he goes on a huge losing streak and loses all his money gambling. Did you see that article awhile back when he was on a serious hot streak and won something like $3M in a weekend from gambling? Guy doesn’t deserve that kind of luck!

  • tophatal


    What’s so asinine with regard to the sport of boxing is concerned in the US is the mere fact that each state athletics’ commission the oversees the sport , well none of their statutes are aligned in anyway. From Nevada to California to New York , there are so many differing variables . And in a case where a boxer might be banned in one state he can simply go elsewhere and get licensed in another state. Take the case of Holyfield roughly eighteen months ago ? A CT cat scan showed swelling of his brain but somehow he was licensed by the Nevada State Athletic Commission who then allowed him to fight . Call me naive but what’d that suggest to you concerning how corrupt the sport remains ? His neurosurgeon who spoke on his behalf we later found hadn’t practiced medicine in five years , having had his license suspended in the states of New York , New Jersey and Connecticut. Not only that but he’d been also indicted on for grand larceny and fraud . WTF ?

    Mayweather should currently be behind bars . Were the charges being leveled against him at present be against an ordinary citizen that person would be in jail awaiting trial. He’s physically and verbally abused his ex girlfriend and their kids . He got into an altercation with a family member of his ex’s and threatened to kill them . Furthermore, a witness who saw the matter he approached with a bribe to pay them off but somehow his a_s remains free ? Presumption of innocence ’til proven guilty my a_s …….. Mayweather is a gutless piece of s_#t !

    Now you know why my interest in boxing now is barely minimal . I’d rather participate in or watch an MMA bout ! At least there I know the excitement is way better than than anything that can be found in the sport of boxing despite what an a@@hole like Bob Arum might have to say . Jew or not he’s a racial bigot ! His denunciation of the sport (MMA) and associating it with white trash and Latino’s who have nothing better to do with themselves shows him to be a real ingrate . He may well recanted the statement later and proffered up a less than contrite apology but the guy simply is a bigot and a moron !

    tophatal …..

    • chappy81

      Yeah, that’s been the major problem for boxing for a long time. There’s no real structure as each state works independently from others. It’s sad that this is the reason the sport is dying. I actually kind of want to see the Ortiz-Mayweather fight. Ortiz is a southpaw, and Mayweather seems to struggle a little against lefties. Also, Ortiz is a pretty big up and comer, so it seems like it will be a good fight. I hate Mayweather as a person, but his next fight looks like it will be entertaining.

      I love how the MMA is run, I just don’t seem to get into it, because I rarely know the guys fighting. Maybe one day I’ll turn the corner and start being more of a fan…

      • tophatal


        Dana White as President of UFC in conjunction with the Fertitta brothers had a business plan but they also looked at the major mistakes made by the various bodies within the sport of boxing as well sports such as the NFL , MLB , NHL and NBA those hierarchies the way in which they conducted themselves.

        And while I understand that some find MMA …. barbaric but look at the sh_t that goes on within other sports where there are no serious ramifications for gross misconduct ? You fu#k up in MMA it’s a monetary fine and an immediate suspension and though you can appeal that those sanctions imposed by presenting evidence you’d better have your ducks all lined up in a row. Not the case when it comes to the aforementioned sports .

        Boxing has always been corrupt and at no time has it sought to change and that’s even with the advent of there being the various state athletic commissions. Simply look at the legal issues of Arum and King over the years and you can see exactly what I am talking about .

        So the Heat are now one loss away of becoming the laughing stock of the NBA ? Oh my God how’s LeBron going to hold his head up high ? Or is it now stuck so far up his own a#s that he can’t tell whether it’s night or day ?

        All of LBJ’s supporters will now look to apportion blame elsewhere and come up with all of the excuses possible . Real sign of maturity wouldn’t you say ? LOL,LOL,LOL !!!!

        tophatal ………………..

  • ChrisHumpherys

    Wow, man. That looks fantastic!

    Had never heard of this.

    • chappy81

      It was awesome! You should pick up a copy before they run out! Hopefully they find a good production company and mass release it, but who knows when that will happen…

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