Raiders Catch the White Unicorn

It’s been a looong time since the Raiders have beaten the Chargers. So long that I couldn’t even remember the last time I was able to talk sh** to my Chargers friends, and one of the reasons I picked the Chargers to piss on our rug in Week 5, but amazingly that didn’t happen! I guess I was just used to it, and even turned down the offer to go see this game live with MCeezy, because I figured I’d just be disappointed if I went. Their losing streak to the Chargers has gone longer than I’ve lived in Socal (6 years), and it was great to fire out those texts immediately following the game for once instead of just receiving them, and responding with something along the lines of “Congratulations, that was a shocker”. For the past decade the Chargers were the white unicorn that always seemed to get away. Yesterday with some improbable special teams plays, and just enough offense we outlasted that lightning bolt of a unicorn. It was kind of like how the Chiefs beat the Chargers on that opening Monday night game. Were the Raiders the best team on the field yesterday? Probably not, but they showed for the first time that they can close out a game, and will play the entire 60 minutes. Aside from week one, the best thing I’ve seen about this season is that they don’t give up even when they have some bad breaks that don’t go their way, a far cry from teams past. They actually seem to care, which might even make Raider Nation come back out for the home games and maybe save them from a blackout or two! How can I say the Nation is back? We had some high expectations for improvement this year (like me predicting a AFC Championship appearance), but there was one moment yesterday when I knew the fans had turned. Instead of booing the Raiders off the field they decided to throw stuff at Rivers all game long from the stands! That’s the classy way I remember the Raider Nation behaving, and I couldn’t have been more proud that they were doing it to Phillip cry me a river!

Why did the Raiders finally win this year against the Chargers? Aside from having some breaks go their way (blocked punts, Rivers fumble not being called a pass in a correct ruling of the tuck rule), but I believe the true reason was because they didn’t have LT. Tomlinson would always torch us to the tune of 150 yards, and two or three TD’s every time he played against Oakland. I know that LT went over 200 yards rushing against us on many occasions. LT always had an extra spring in his step when he faced the Raiders. This year is different though for the Chargers, they need to throw the ball way more than even their norm (which was a lot). Ryan Matthews was their leading rusher with 59 yards on 9 carries yesterday!?! They had the lead for nearly all the second half, and their top rusher only had 9 carries!?! Tolbert had 12 carries for 11 yards, but when you’re ahead don’t you think one of those guys should hit the 20’s in carries? As sweet as their passing game may be, they need someone to get some yards on the ground. Matthews might be good, but this year the Chargers are truly missing their running game of years past. Norv, should worry that Rivers arm might fall off throwing it 50 times a game. I’m happy they managed to pull out that win, and it’s a good sign of things to come as they fell just short against Houston and Arizona, so the way I see it the Raiders really are on the rise, and any rise is better than none. Who knows, now that the Chargers are 0-2 in the division, maybe the Raiders have a shot at the playoffs. With all the parody in this league, anything can happen, even at 2-3.

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7 responses to “Raiders Catch the White Unicorn

  • tophatal


    Two things I now know to be true …… Norv Turner can’t coach and A J Smith couldn’t spot talent much less spell the friggin’ word ! The Raiders won because they wanted the game more and that’s simply it ! Phillip Rivers does have a vagina ……… he was seen spotting on the sidelines .

    tophatal 🙂

    • Chappy81

      Haha, I was so happy when the Chargers hired Norv after his stint with the Raiders! I knew he’d only fail them at the worst possible times! They made no adjustments while they were up by 10 in the third quarter. A lot of the blame falls on Norv for that. You’d think he’d start trying something different when they caught up, I guess he is who we thought he was. A retard.

  • Chris Humpherys

    Dude, I got crushed in my eliminator pools.

    And I didn’t even PICK the Chargers.

    There are a few NFL teams that are in TROUBLE!!!

    Who’ll be looking for a job first? Turner, Phillips and Singletary?

    • Chappy81

      Tough to call who gets the axe first… Seeing that the Chargers gave Turner a extension through 2013 right after they lost to the Jets in the playoffs I think he’s safe. I’d put my money on Phillips getting fired before Singletary.

  • mceezy

    A great game all around. I didn’t even know if Ryan Matthews was playing or not for a good portion of it.

  • World Wide News Flash

    Raiders Catch the White Unicorn « Doin Work…

    I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

  • tophatal


    Norv Turner and A J Smith ought to be walking the plank right about now ! But Spanos as owner of the Chargers doesn’t seem to be all that bright so what’s the guy to do ?

    Mike Singletary speaks in platitudes but that sort of crap doesn’t help a team win .

    Matt Millen however does like him and the Jed York of the Niners is still willing to give him ’til the end of the year to see how things go. Did he not see the film Titanic and how that bitch ended for all on board ? Some drowned and some were saved . Mike’s drowning at present and Alex Smith is taking the ship known as the Niners down.

    tophatal 🙂

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