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Doin Lines Week 8

I finally had a good week, going 4-2. I didn’t think it was ever going to happen, but I knew the odds had to even out a little eventually. Sad part is I’m not sure what I did right last week, so it might be impossible to duplicate. Either way, I kind of hope I do bad this week to get all the bad luck out of my system, because I’m heading to Vegas next weekend, so I should save all that luck for when I’m there. Here’s to going 0-5 this week, ohh yeaaa!!

I can’t complain much about a .500 weekend in picks, I’ve definitely fared worse.  Coming into this week, it still baffles me how the 49ers are considered favorites almost every week.  It’s like the odd makers are just giggling in a back room somewhere, saying, “Could we actually get away with this, again?”  Fool me once odd makers, and shame on you, but fool me four times!  Well, as far as this week is concerned, I’m unsure where to find an edge when making a selection, as the slate of games on tap are tough to say the least.  So I’m going straight to the belly, and doing gut feeling picks.  Here goes nothing.

Week 7 (Chap 4-2, By 2-2) Overall (Chap 16-22-3, By 14-18-3)

Carolina (+3) @ St. Louis

Chappy picks St Louis (-3). You never really know what you’re going to get from week to week from the Rams. They play well and beat teams like the Chargers and Redskins, but then get blown out by a team like Detroit. Carolina on the other hand just doesn’t show up, and if I played for them, I’d question playing hard too. Why beat yourself up when you know you’re going to lose? The Panthers just make it impossible for me to pick them under any circumstance. The Rams will go into their bye week on a positive note with convincing win!

By picks St. Louis (-3): David Gettis looked like Randy Moss circa 1998 against the 49ers last week, enough so that I swooped him up in one of my fantasy leagues.  What I failed to remember is, the 49ers suck.  Matt Moore is a decent QB, but I don’t see a repeat performance against the Rams this week.  St. Louis isn’t exactly the team to beat in the “NFC Weak” division, but then again, who is?  A win here, coupled with a Seattle Seahawks’ loss, and the Rams are in good position.  Steven Jackson looks like he’s back, and he’ll be the difference maker in this game.  Rams by 10.

Green Bay @ NY Jets (-6)

By picks Green Bay (+6): Continue reading