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Comcast Still F***in Up!

It’s no secret I’m a Comcast hater. My first dip into the blogging world was a blog called  “Things That Suck…..Like Comcast.”  The best part about moving earlier this year was that I was leaving Comcast territory, so that meant I got to CANCEL my Comcast service for the first time since I started paying my own bills. They’ve been the thorn in my side for years, and I was able to cut ties finally. I still remember when I called to cancel and they asked me if I’d, “thought about simply transferring my Comcast service to my new place of residence?” to which I responded with a resounding F*** NO HAHAHA!!! I’ve never looked back since.

But today I got this e-mail and I couldn’t help but shake my head. Comcast has done it again. Forget the fact that I’m not a customer, nor was I ever valued, but have a read. It’s one thing to send out an e-mail in error, but the e-mail said We’ve increased your downloaded speeds, which turned out to be not true.

Dear Valued Comcast Customer,

We value your business.

You may have read an email from us in the last several days about a change to your Internet service. The subject line would have read:

Great News: We’ve Increased Your Download Speeds

The email was sent to you in error and we apologize for any inconvenience. Please disregard that email.

If there is any change to your service in the future, we will send you a separate email.

As always, we’ll continue to work hard to bring you the best online experience.

Thank you.

The Comcast Customer Care Team

NBA Has Many Issues, But This is a Big One

Carmelo (or the media) made it known that he will not be keeping his talents in Denver past this season. He was offered the max three year extension adding about $65M onto his contract to stay with the Nuggets, but all the reports I can find seem to think that since he hasn’t signed it, he isn’t going to. Could be true, could be rumors, but either way it doesn’t sound like Melo is all that into repping the mile high city anymore. Since he has until July of 2011 to sign the extension, I’m not sure why everyone is so sure he will pass up the money. I mean, what if they happen to catch lightning in a bottle and come to terms on a CBA way ahead of schedule? What if Melo finds out he would only be able to make around $10M per year unless he signs his extension before the old CBA expires? Would that make Melo sign his extension and stay since he knows he’d never get the same type of guaranteed money again? I have no idea, nor should I speculate since I’m not an agent or a player that gets to make that kind of decision. All I know is the landscape for the NBA has forever changed in the wake of Lebron’s ill advised decision. The league is already top heavy. Just looking back at the last few decades, the league was either ruled by the Celtics, Lakers, Bulls or Spurs (it feels weird putting the Spurs in there with the other three, but no denying what they did in the Duncan era). The NBA tries hard to preach that there is parody, and I felt that we were getting some parody after the Shaq/Kobe three-peat with new teams winning each year eliminating repeats for a little bit there, but now the landscape feels a lot more clear on who the favorites are again after the Lakers just went back to back. Now, once again isn’t much parody, and it will continue to go that way if superstars keep leaving their teams to join multiple superstars in another uniform. The hostage style takeovers of these teams during contract extensions and free agency is getting a little ridiculous. I feel like the players have all of the power, and while it’s hard to argue that they shouldn’t have the power since they are drawing the crowds, but I think we’ve fallen too far that way. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but give franchises that have the top flight players more power to be able to keep them there or at least make it much tougher for them to decide to leave. Continue reading

Tyreke Doin Golf

I’m always a little shocked when a professional athlete looks this bad at a sport no matter what the sport happens to be. It’s not that I expect all pros to be good at every sport, but I do expect them to be able to mimick the basics of it, like hitting a golf ball past the womens tees. At least Barkley could make contact, not that it made it look any prettier than Reke, but at least the ball went somewhere. One thing we found through this charity event is that Tyreke won’t be leaving Sac anytime soon to join the PGA, because we all know he’s much more suited for weaving his way through NASCAR traffic!