There Goes More ‘Stros

As a die hard A’s fan, I can empathize with any fan of a losing team. But I definitely don’t envy Astros fans. While the A’s don’t have the financial means to load up their roster with proven talent, there’s always a boatload of talent in the farm system. Remember, they’re only 4 years removed from an LCS appearance, and guys like Andrew Bailey, Trevor Cahill, Brett Anderson, Ryan Sweeney, Daric Barton, Chris Carter, and Michael Taylor give plenty of reason to believe they’ll be back sooner or later. And while I’m waiting for the front office to trade away a guy like Coco Crisp or Michael Wuertz (hopefully Wuertz), the Astros have already gotten started. Frankly, it’s about time. They’re clearly headed nowhere, so it really made no sense for them to hang on to Roy Oswalt. While it’s still to be seen whether or not they move Carlos Lee – I doubt there’s any takers – or Lance Berkman, they’ve at least brought in some young guys who may play a significant role if and when they decide to rebuild, because they need to. In other trade news….

The Padres picked up Miguel Tejada, but I’m not sure what role he’s going to fill. I can’t see them replacing Chase Headley, so Everth Cabrera is going to be the loser in this move, but he’s hitting .199, so Tejada should be an upgrade at the plate. But are they expecting Miggy to play shortstop? Not sure what they’re envisioning there, but maybe it puts pressure on the Giants and Dodgers to make a move as well.

The Rangers acquired Jorge Cantu, which makes more sense in the short term, since Ian Kinsler is headed to the DL. They already swung a deal for Cliff Lee, so making it clear they plan to hold on to the top spot in the AL West.

The Twins picked up Matt Capps, which doesn’t excite me, but may have been the smartest move by any of these teams thus far – except of course the Phillies getting Oswalt. But Capps will move into the closer role, demoting Jon Rauch to setup duties. Your move, White Sox.

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4 responses to “There Goes More ‘Stros

  • tophatal


    Unless Cuban takes over the Rangers before the end of the season they’re going to fold ! They’ve not enough money coming in to meet their full financial obligations. How is it that Selig OK’d the fact that Nolan Ryan and Chuck Greenberg ought to be the favored purchasers when they didn’t have the financing to make an allout bid for the team in the first place ? Is MLB being ran by a bunch of pus_ies or what ?

    Let me ask you this how dumb is the front office of the Phillies ? I know that they won’t have to pay all of Oswalt’s impending salary for the rest of this season. But had they retiained Cliff Lee they’d have saved themselves a great deal more money .

    Have a great weekend !

    tophatal …………………. 🙂

  • Chappy81

    I didn’t even see that Capps trade…. I’d say the Rangers are the biggest winners with Lee and Cantu. They filled two needs! I wonder if there’s going to be many deadline deals…

  • Chris Humpherys

    Such is the way of Major League Baseball these days.

    Cheer up, Astros fans. At least you don’t root for the Royals or the Pirates.

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