Tyreke Evans In Traffic

Tyreke Evans won the 2010 NBA Rookie of the Year Award thanks in large part to his unparalleled ability to get into the lane with ease. Here, Evans shows his ability to get in and out of multiple lanes at speeds upwards of 130 mph. Reke was trailing for a good portion of this matchup, but much like his game on the court, he ultimately finishes ahead of the competition. Unfortunately, Evans gets T’d up, as in Tied Up in handcuffs, and is slapped with three years probation. C’mon rookie, I’ve traveled that very stretch of highway hundreds of times in my life…. you gotta know the Highway Patrol is all over it like the NBA officials in the 2002 Western Conference Finals. Nonetheless, some sweet moves here on the blacktop….

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5 responses to “Tyreke Evans In Traffic

  • By

    Steph Curry wouldn’t do this. More reason to believe that he’s the better long term investment. Go Warriors.

    • mceezy

      That’s because Steph Curry isn’t old enough to drive! Well he is, but he’d get pulled over before he even got on the freeway since he looks 14.

  • Chappy81

    Damn, they were really worried about Reke. I bet he could beat Danica in a race!

  • tophatal

    Once again a dumb ass athlete proving the ol’ adage sh*it for brains !

    What would be all now discussing had he killed or maimed a pedestrian . …….. the fact that he’s innocent ’till proven guilty ? Fu_king hog wash as usual . Evans should count himself lucky this time around .

    Not so long ago idiots were trying to excuse the behavior of Donte Stallworth and Leonard Little . How is it that these guys still don’t learn from those two incidents ?

    tophatal …………… ūüôā

  • Tyreke¬†Doin¬†Golf « Doin Work

    […] I’m always a little shocked when a professional athlete looks this bad at a sport¬†no matter what the sport¬†happens to be. It’s not that I expect all pros to be good at every sport, but I do expect them to be able to mimick the basics of it, like hitting a golf ball past the womens tees. At least Barkley could make contact not that it made it look any prettier than Reke. One thing¬†we found through this charity event is that Tyreke won’t be leaving Sac anytime soon to join the PGA, because we all know¬†he’s much more suited for¬†weaving his way through¬†NASCAR traffic! […]

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