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Tribute to Frank

I was watching Jimmy Kimmel last night for the first time in a little while. This was also the first time I’d ever seen Jimmy all choked up. Usually he never strays from his goofy half stoned looking grin, but before he could introduce the segment about his Uncle Frank that recently passed he couldn’t hold it together, which was completely understandable. Frank might not have been the biggest star out there, but he always came through with something funny in his segments. If there’s anything to learn from Frank, it’s that you can still have fun when you have old balls. I’m ten times more shaken up over this loss than I was with Amy Winehouse…

Even Dr. Phil Has An Opinion On Lebron

In case you missed it last night Jimmy Kimmel had a pretty good little skit where Dr. Phil chimed in some interesting reasons on why Lebron would want to go to a city. I think he was talking about Gloria James on the whole sex thing, but funny nonetheless.