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Phoenix Suns? More Like Phoenix Brothers

While the Suns continue to fight for the lives against the Los Angeles Lakers, few people have noticed that this Phoenix squad is really just a collection of less talented brothers. You may know about Robin Lopez and Taylor Griffin, brothers of better players Brook and Blake, respectively.  But few people realize that all of the players on the team have more talented brothers. Let’s take a look at this….

Jason Richardson – Brother of Four-time All-Star Michael Ray Richardson.  Sure, he’s about 20 years older, but they’re brothers. Michael Ray led the league in steals four times and assists once. He may not have as many DUIs or DVs as J-Rich, but he could take him in a dunk contest.

Amare Stoudemire – Brother of former Arizona standout Salim Stoudemire. Salim may not have the NBA resume that Amare has, but we all know who the greatest Stoudemire to play in Arizona is.

Channing Frye – Brother of NFL quarterback Charlie Frye. They may not look related based on their skin color, but once you hear Channing talk, you’ll see the resemblance.

Jared Dudley – Brother of former NBA great, Chris Dudley. Jared’s making a name for himself this postseason, but Chris is the one who paved the way for Dudleys in the NBA.

Grant Hill – Brother of Thomas. Grant has the NBA credentials, but Thomas will always be the king of the Hill as far as Duke fans are concerned.

Alondo Tucker – Brother of former USF standout Darrell Tucker. Unfortunately, Alondo plays like a power forward in a guard’s body, while Darrell played like a guard in a power forward’s body.

Steve Nash – Brother of Graham Nash. Steve may be a better baller, but Richardson, Hill, and Stoudemire have nothing on Crosby, Stills and Young.

Does Anyone Care Where the Super Bowl Is Played?

Is this a big deal? Rodger Goodell, and every media outlet seems to be making it a top story. Whoopity do, the NFL has never had a snow/cold Super Bowl! I’ve talked to a few people since I heard the news and heard pretty much the same reaction: huh, who gives a f***. That was pretty much my reaction to hearing that the new billion dollar stadium in New Jersey won the sweepstakes to host the 2014 Super Bowl beating out Tampa Bay. I mean, it’s probably exciting for that city and all, but why is this a top story? As a fan, I could care less if the Super Bowl is held in a good market or a warm place. Is it really going to make it more or less watchable? Sure, I’d like to see a snow game, but the only important thing about the Super Bowl for 99.9% of fans (I think), is that the game is close and competitive (or winning their bets). There’s only going to be two teams in there regardless, so most fans will have seen their team exit either before or during the playoffs.One other reason I think that this has been such a big deal in the media is because all of them have to go to the Super Bowl to cover it. Cry me a river media members, I’d go to the Super Bowl in a second wherever it is if I had the opportunity!

Early US Open Storlines

You may remember back in my first edition of Pebble Beach Stories, I wrote how much I despise the Fijian Bastard, Vijay Singh. Today I saw that Vijay missing the cut at the Byron Nelson Championship last Friday dropped him from the 51st ranked player to the 59th ranked player. That’s not all that exciting in itself, but it has forced him to play in a 36-hole playoff to try and qualify for the US Open at Pebble Beach. It could be the first time he has missed the US Open since 1994, and I hope he chokes in the qualifier so this does in fact happen. Not just to see him struggle, but so he’s not at Pebble creating hell for my former co-workers on the driving range! The part that I find most entertaining is Tony Romo could actually be in the US Open and Vijay could be a spectator. Couldn’t have drawn this up any better myself!

It’s been all over the newswires the last couple days that Phil Mikelson could be the #1 ranked player with a win at the Colonial this weekend. He would only be only the third player since 1998 to be ranked number 1, that isn’t named Tiger (David Duval and Vijay are the only other two to hold the #1 spot). If Phil doesn’t do very well, he will most likely still be #2, but if Lee Westwood, currently #3 pulls out a victory, he could conceivable jump Phil in the rankings. Tiger is supposed to play again next weekend, but no matter who ends up being in first come June it could set up to be a great storyline for the US Open. Despite it being a great major tournament, adding in the question of who will be the #1 golfer adds that much more drama. A non-US Open related story, Tiger might not be invited to the Ryder Cup according to captain Corey Pavin. I’m not buying it, but he is the 11th ranked American this year, so there’s a chance, but I’d say that’s a slim one since golf will want him to be in there for the ratings if he’s healthy. I think Pavin is just trying to pull in a little attention while he can!