Early US Open Storlines

You may remember back in my first edition of Pebble Beach Stories, I wrote how much I despise the Fijian Bastard, Vijay Singh. Today I saw that Vijay missing the cut at the Byron Nelson Championship last Friday dropped him from the 51st ranked player to the 59th ranked player. That’s not all that exciting in itself, but it has forced him to play in a 36-hole playoff to try and qualify for the US Open at Pebble Beach. It could be the first time he has missed the US Open since 1994, and I hope he chokes in the qualifier so this does in fact happen. Not just to see him struggle, but so he’s not at Pebble creating hell for my former co-workers on the driving range! The part that I find most entertaining is Tony Romo could actually be in the US Open and Vijay could be a spectator. Couldn’t have drawn this up any better myself!

It’s been all over the newswires the last couple days that Phil Mikelson could be the #1 ranked player with a win at the Colonial this weekend. He would only be only the third player since 1998 to be ranked number 1, that isn’t named Tiger (David Duval and Vijay are the only other two to hold the #1 spot). If Phil doesn’t do very well, he will most likely still be #2, but if Lee Westwood, currently #3 pulls out a victory, he could conceivable jump Phil in the rankings. Tiger is supposed to play again next weekend, but no matter who ends up being in first come June it could set up to be a great storyline for the US Open. Despite it being a great major tournament, adding in the question of who will be the #1 golfer adds that much more drama. A non-US Open related story, Tiger might not be invited to the Ryder Cup according to captain Corey Pavin. I’m not buying it, but he is the 11th ranked American this year, so there’s a chance, but I’d say that’s a slim one since golf will want him to be in there for the ratings if he’s healthy. I think Pavin is just trying to pull in a little attention while he can!


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7 responses to “Early US Open Storlines

  • tophatal


    While it’s on I may well chime in. But as of now I’m building up towards the the FIFA World Cup (June 11th -10th July). The USA’s Landon Donovan says he’s matured as a player and ready to set foot on center stage. The funny thing is he’s not even the best player on the squad and the dumb ass writers here haven’t even got a clue that the only world class player on the roster is the goal-keeper Tim Howard. As usual the knowledge of the sports journalist here borders on being on par with the IQ of Paris Hilton !

    Will anyone be actually watching the US Open if Woods of Lefty isn’t in the running ?

    Alan Parkins

    • chappy81

      Never been much of a soccer buff, but I do watch some of the World Cup when it’s on. Maybe it’s because my friends are pretty into it so it forces me to at least pay attention.

      I think I’m looking forward to the US Open a little more this year since it’s at my former workplace!

  • tophatal

    The one tournament on the golf calendar I’ll watch religiously is the British Open as it’s by far the most hallowed of the four majors that’s steeped in tradition and of course it’s the oldest.

    I’ve been taking in the French Open in tennis from Roland Garros. On the women’s side it’ll be about the Williams sisters . On the men’s side it’s all Federer and Nadal ! No American male player is simply good enough to win the tournament outright in the singles.

    Alan Parkins

    • chappy81

      Noway Roddick does anything in the French Open his speed is neutralized… I do like Isner for the future of US Tennis… I always love watching Rodger and Nadal meet up though, let’s hope it happens!

      • tophatal


        As the name suggests Rod_dick ! As for Isner if he’s the future of US tennis then it’s going nowhere ! American male players think that it’s still about having a power game and that’s why they’ve done nothing at the Grand Slam level since the retirement of Agassi and Sampras .

        These finals should be great especially on the women’s side, Though the Williams sisters have the field to themselves . I think the danger could be Justine Henin Hardenne.

        A Feder Nadal match-up if Nadal is back and fully fit would be another classic.

        So the Lakers are now involved in a real dogfight ? 115-106 Suns’ win to even the series at two games apiece .

        Alan Parkins

        • chappy81

          I have to admit I don’t watch a whole lot of tennis until the quarterfinals in the majors. We will see about Isner, he’s only 23 or something like that so he’s got some time… I don’t see him dominating, but he could be better than Roddick before you know it!

          Hell yeah Suns! Hopefully they can sneak one out of LA!

  • tophatal


    By the time Isner is 28 there’ll be a a European player atop of the ATP rankings. There won’t be another US male player taking the game by storm no matter how you try and spin it as they’re simply not good enough. I mean the only thing they now get their rocks off on is playing Davis Cup . And who the hell is interested in that premise to begin with ? Other than a bunch of gung-ho xenophobes that is !

    Alan Parkins

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