Just Wright

Common is one of my favorite rappers of all-time, let me rephrase that.  Common is one of my favorite “emcees” of all-time.  There is a difference.  ‘Til this day Resurrection still manages to transcend time for me, in fact, Common in general transcends time, as he is still more than relevant to this day.  The shelf life for most Hip-Hop artist is like four years.  He’s been at it for decades.  He might be one of the trendiest artist alive as well.  Ask your girlfriend if she likes the way Common dresses, go on … do it.  Yeah buddy, I knew she would.

As do many Hip-Hop artists, Common has tried his hand at acting, and has been quite successful at it too.  Perhaps he hasn’t done anything in which he’s “stolen” the show so-to-speak, but he’s done enough to raise a few eye-brows.  In fact, he’s done enough so to land his first (male) leading role in Just Wright, a movie in which he plays an NBA All-Star who suffers a severe knee injury and must go through a rigorous rehabilitation regiment with the guidance of potential love interest Queen Latifah in attempts to return to the league.  O.K. so going from his day job of being a Hip-Hop legend to acting as an NBA baller might not be such a stretch for him being that the two are synonymous with each-other, but still.  Give credit where credit’s due, it’s a leading role.

Why we should watch this movie?  Well, because we should all support Common, he’s a rapper (emcee) with a positive message and vibe.  Those kinds don’t come along too often.  Another reason?  We’re sports junkies!  C’mon, unless it’s a movie like Fighting, or Never Back Down, us guys are usually interested in sports flicks.  Especially if it stars, or has cameos of real professional athletes.  This one does!  I was 11 or 12 years old when Blue Chips was a feature film, and it quickly became one my favorite movies behind Jurassic Park, simply because Penny Hardaway was in it.  If those reasons aren’t valid enough, it stars Paula Patton too.  ‘Nuff said.  —————————–>

One last thing to note, Common plays for the N.J. Nets in this movie.  Perhaps this will be the most positive thing for Nets fans to view regarding their team until the next NBA Draft comes along.  I’m just saying.  Plus he (Common) kind of reminds me of Stephon Marbury when he puts on that jersey … I always like being reminded of Stephon Marbury.

5 responses to “Just Wright

  • Chris Humpherys

    At least someone is finally watching the Nets.

  • tophatal


    Rappers such as Common , Lupe Fiasco , Mos Def and Talib Kweli are always worth listening to. They’re socially relevant in terms of the topics that they are prepared to deal with.

    As for Paula Patton what’s not to like ? Mind you I do envy Robin Thicke as he gets to come home to that each night ! What a lucky ba_tard !

    Alan Parkins

  • By

    Love Mos, and as far as Robin Thicke … he’s one lucky bastard indeed.

    • tophatal


      Robin Thicke lucky ? Hell he threw snake eyes and came away with a jackpot ! However I’ll be doing a piece on this beauty in the not too distant future ………. Brenique is her name and that caboose of hers is the game.

      Click here to see what I’m talking ’bout .

      Don’t forget to clean up the drool and any other body liquids after wards .

      Alan Parkins

  • chappy81

    I remember watching him play during the All-Star celebrity game, and he and TO were the best non-oldtimer or WNBA players on the court. He actually was a decent point guard passing the ball around, but nobody makes shots in those games. The announcers said he was hanging out with CP3 during the summer to get into the role more! Should be a must see!

    And yes, my girlfriend loves the way he dresses…

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