Bad News Ben

So police reports were released regarding the incident revolving  “Big Ben” Roethlisberger at an Atlanta night club last month, and it was ugly.  According to the reports, the accuser, a 20-year old woman who is a college student, was escorted to a hallway by Roethlisberger’s bodyguards in which Roethlisberger soon followed.  Supposedly Roethlisberger exposed himself to the woman, she quickly informed him that his actions were unacceptable.  She then fled to the bathroom.  Roethlisberger followed then proceeded to have sex with her.

If you want to read up on the story, there are plenty of sites for that.  This post isn’t to inform you of breaking news, because I’m sure you’ve all heard the details of the report.

This post is just me giving you my opinion.  Roethlisberger needs to be punished.  I know he wasn’t convicted of anything, but these accusations aren’t to be taken lightly.  Think about what might have happened that night.  He essentially raped this young woman, and walked away.  Treated it like just another night.  This is horrible beyond comparison.

I’m all for giving people the benefit of the doubt, but I hope the NFL investigates this to the best of their abilities.  This entire situation is a disappointment.

5 responses to “Bad News Ben

  • tophatal


    Ben has simply proven that when you’re enabled by not only your entourage but also by the NFL itself and in particular the Steelers’ front office . It shows simply that all of the parties can’t be trusted to do what’s right. Including the player himself. Who’s now hiding behind the fact that he’s got a “sobriety” problem . Duh , you think ?

    What might be even more insulting was the statement made by the Baldwin Cty DA Fred Bright ………”I only prosecute cases based on the factual evidence and not on the morality issues involved”. What kind of message does that send to a the next female victim who has been sexually assaulted within his territorial jurisdiction ? Sorry but unless you’re at death’s door there’s nothing we can do ?

    There was more than enough evidence to prosecute a case most certainly on a lesser charge but Bright chose not to. Poor judgment on his part and it will reflect badly on his office.

    As to both Goodell’s and the Steelers’ indecision not having suspend the player. Well it shows crass stupidity and the mere fact of favoritism and in some cases there might even be an element of racial preference ? Both Williams’ players of the Vikings were suspended arbitrarily by Goodell , even though they’d done nothing wrong legally or morally as it pertained to having taken an illicit substance. It was actually product recommended and endorsed by the NFL itself ? So who’s the real ass here ? Goodell and the NFL or the justice system as we know it ?

    Alan Parkins

    *I work within the legal establishment in the corporate law dept, covering corporations and their set ups for domestic as well international business dealings. So as such it gives me something of an insight as the firm is a full service law firm nationally & internationally.

  • chappy81

    I’m sure he’s going to get suspended at some point, hopefully for four or more games. If it’s only one or two games, that’s pretty weak, especially since this is the second time it’s happened… If Ben was a gold toothed thug he’d already be suspended indefinitely. I can’t say that it will work out fairly, and it doesn’t sound like it did in the courts, so we’ll see what the NFL’s verdict is…

    • tophatal


      One the members of the Rooney family has stated that they are quite prepared to cut the player and all options are being discussed including trading him .

      Alan Parkins

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