Rice Less Than Impressive on His Nationwide Debut

Jerry is Keepin it Classy

We debated earlier this week on what the over/under for Jerry Rice should be in his first professional golf tournament at a very tough TPC Stonebrae course in the Bay Area. We had set the over/under at 85 eventhough Rice was reported as a scratch golfer, we assumed he’d struggle a little in his first event, and weren’t shocked by his opening round. Yesterday he shot an 83, which I was happy about becuase I picked the under, but other than that it was a less than impressive showing. He played like an ameteur, recording five bogeys, and four double bogeys, but wasting 20 years playing that silly pigskin game might have cut into the 47 year old’s time to work on his swing so we can give him a pass.

“My score is up there,” Rice said, shaking his head. “I wanted to at least shoot my jersey number (80). When so many bad things happen, you start to press.I felt like I had to hit it close and had to get birdies. … I feel like the wheels completely fell off today.”

Rice has always been a classy guy, and I’m sure he had some nerves out there that made him shank a few more shots than he would on a normal round. To his credit he took the high road, and didn’t seem to be shaken keeping his composure when he made a bad shot or two unlike that guy named Tiger. He shot nine over on the first 8 holes, and then settled down shooting only one over for the next nine, but got a double bogey on the 18th. The score put him in a tie for 153rd of a field of 155. Now that he knows what to expect maybe he’ll shoot lower today. Looks like he’s only two over through six holes so far. That’s already a big improvement over yesterday’s front nine.

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4 responses to “Rice Less Than Impressive on His Nationwide Debut

  • tophatal


    Wouldn’t it best if someone were teeing the golf balls and Jerry simply had to run and make a leaping catch ? I mean that’s how we best remember him or him just in full flight leaving everyone in his wake.

    NBA Playoffs are here.

    Alan Parkins

  • Dyslecix

    dead last…7 over thru 9 holes on Thursday. He could practice every day for 8 hours for five more years and still not get it done….ON THE CHAMPIONS TOUR!

  • tophatal

    Why is it that certain athletes think that they’re equally as good in separate sports ? Rice should stick what he knows which is being a WR in the NFL. Just play golf as purely a recreational activity.

    We had to put up with that trite piece of crap on ABC “Shaq vs”. And what did it prove ? Shaq’s good in the NBA but elsewhere he can’t hold any of those guys protectors/ cups. Need one say anymore on the matter ?

    I can only surmise because he’s (Rice) not get any at home he feels the best way to spend his time is to be hitting some balls on a golf course !

    Come Undone ……………… NBA Playoffs Are Here

    Alan Parkins

  • NorCal Rookie Rumblings « Doin Work

    […] I’ve more than documented my man crush on Curry, and it has even stretched to see how he’s spending his time in the off season, sad I know. Make no mistake, I’m not a stalker that’s going to ask Curry to go to Santa Barbra to buy some antiques with me like this guy, who has more of a fatal attraction to Kobe than a mancrush. Curry made an appearance showcasing that he has some game on Monday. No, the Warriors aren’t magically in the playoffs, and if your thinking, I already knew he was a baller, and could’ve won rookie of the year this year, but I wasn’t talking about hoops. Curry played in the Quail Hollow Championship Pro Am yesterday, and posted three birdies on his score card, which is pretty impressive. He was paired up with PGA pro Stephen Lowry, Nascar’s Michael Waltrip, his dad Dell Curry, and Charlotte police chief Rod Monroe. I’m not sure exactly what the handicaps were for each player, and I’m sure that the handicaps they had helped their group a little, but their group ended up winning the tourney shooting a 54. Pretty impressive work Stephen. I guess Dell taught him a jumper and a golf swing, even though after the tourney Steph said that his dad beat him by three strokes. I’m far from a good golfer, and anytime I have three birdies in a round whether the course is tough or easy, I’m usually pretty happy. I doubt Stephen gets out on the links all that much, but I have a feeling when his playing days are over he will be better than Jerry Rice on the Nationwide tour! […]

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