Monta Plays Like an All-Star

Monta Ellis may be playing like an all-star, but it doesn’t sound too likely he’ll make it to the mid-season classic. He’ s averaging 26.1 ppg 4.2 rebounds, 5.3 assists, and 2.2 steals per game. Some argue that since he’s on a losing team that plays at a fast pace waters down his stats. Some also argue that his league high in minutes (41.3 ) make putting up those kind of numbers much easier. I think people are taking for granted what he’s been doing consistently for the Warriors. Defense’s are obviously keying on him, and he’s improving in every facet of his game, again. I’ve never once felt like Monta was regressing during his whole career with the dubs, which is something I can’t say for many players. My question to the doubters is, how could the Warriors really afford to play him less? They’ve had 9 or less players suited up for 32 of their games this season. Against Milwaukee, they didn’t have enough guys to finish the game, and took a technical despite having Stephen Curry fouled out. If they didn’t have him, they probably wouldn’t even have double digit wins (11). I hope he gets selected as a reserve. He doesn’t have a ton of competition aside from Brandon Roy at the SG spot (he deserves it over Monta), so I’m holding on to a little hope. O.J. Mayo and Eric Gordon are the closest to him in scoring, but would you agree with either of them getting the nod over Monta? Doubtful. I guess they might take an extra PG, since there are a TON of good ones that probably won’t get into the game. If Monta doesn’t get picked, he should consider entering the HORSE game, because it looks like he’s got a few trick shots in the bag!

I’d like to invite anyone to argue that he is a less deserving candidate for the team, than say, Tracy Mcgrady! If T-Mac doesn’t give up his All-Star spot, we shouldn’t allow China’s All-Star votes to count next year. Ok, one case is acceptable, and that’s if the votes are going to someone that actually IS playing like Ariza or Brooks. The same kind of argument could be made about AI as well, but I don’t really want to get into that one…

The Dubs haven’t had a All-Star since Carlisimacoachchoker Spreewell  in 1997. Not an eyebrow raising fact, but true nonetheless. I’ll leave you with Kobe’s thoughts on Ellis “”He’s still underrated. I know how good he is, and all his peers know how good he is … he doesn’t get the credit he deserves.”

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7 responses to “Monta Plays Like an All-Star

  • mceezy

    Let’s not forget Shaq called him the 7th best guard in the league!

  • michaeltrew

    Monta does play well, but the Warriors are horrible.

  • sportsguyby

    The Warriors play the big dogs tough, but don’t get up for the weaker teams. I guess that does make them horrible in a way, but I still love my Warriors.

    Anyway, Monta does at least deserve consideration for the All-Star game this year, he not only puts up numbers, but his game is so amazing to witness. Anyone see his spin move drive past two defenders with a double-pump reverse lay-up finishing with his left against the Bucks? Arguably the greatest drive of the year thus far.

    He does that stuff every night. And at least consider him for his improvement every year. The kid really does work hard on his over all game.

    • chappy81

      It’s a shame he doesn’t get much attention around the league. At least his peers know how good he is! I missed that highlight, but I’m going to have to hunt for it on youtube now!

      I LOVE how he gets better every year!

  • tophatal


    Considering that the NBA All Star Game is nothing more than the fans getting to see their favorite players have one great big party. Guys who are really deserving of the accolade rarely get to participate when it’s on merit.

    That’s why if anything he’ll probably end up being named a sub rather than being voted in by the fans.

    Alan Parkins

    • chappy81

      Unfortunately, it’s been that way for awhile… I’m still hoping he gets elected to the reserves. Too bad T-mac is going to make it, hopefully he at least oops one to himself…

      • tophatal

        chappy 81

        This is what tends to happen when Stern and the NBA think that with the fans voting, it makes the event all the more popular ? If anything to my mind it diminishes the event ! It ought to be left to the coaches and the players themselves as to who they believe ought to be there. For the fans it becomes nothing more than a popularity contest. Much as in the same idiotic way they derive a winner on American Idol.

        Alan Parkins

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