The Other Raiders Show Up Again!

Still getting used to the fact that Jamarcus Russell threw a game winning touchdown pass today. I’m not ready to give him any credit for it however. It’s clear this team is stepping up as a unit and everyone is getting it done collectively. Great day for Michael Bush gaining 133 yards on the ground. For the Raiders, the wins don’t mean anything, but knocking the Broncos out of the division title hunt isn’t too bad of a consolation. Enjoy the highlights…. not sure how long the video will stay up before the NFL pulls it.

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2 responses to “The Other Raiders Show Up Again!

  • tophatal


    Better to have a team that shows up rather than one that doesn’t at all. Look at how bad the Seahawks have become ?

    Alan Parkins

  • chappy81

    I’m skeptical of giving him credit. I kind of wish he just threw his normal interception or got sacked, so it doesn’t give Al any kind of reason to keep him around. It was nice to beat Denver though, any divisional game is good to win!

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