Will The Lakers Play the Grinch on Christmas Day?

I guess it’s much like having the Lyons and Cowboys on Thanksgiving, that the Lakers have to be on prime time for Christmas. It’s the perfect amount of time to fill in the void between opening presents and dinner on Christmas day. I for one, have seen more Lakers basketball than I ever wanted to living in Southern California. I’ll admit that I’m not the biggest on celebrating Christmas probably because I’m past the years when I found it fun, and now I have became the type of adult that feels like it’s more like of a hassle than fun. Every year I find myself watching the Lakers win on Christmas marking the ending of celebratory part of the day. It’s not enough that we have to see them get call after call during games all season and in the playoffs, but the Stern lead league gives them the Christmas premier match up too. It gets old fast to the rest of us non-Laker fans… Don’t get me wrong, I respect them in the same way I respected the Bulls through most of Jordan’s career, and Tiger during his golf career, but I don’t have to like it. I’d much rather see them struggling and sucking opposed to dominating. Maybe I have a disease from rooting for bad teams all my life, and only like to see the best come crumbling down to the levels of my teams. It’s rough that the joys I get from sports relate to teams or players that I sports-hate, but you have to hang on to something! Last year the Lakers played Grinch to the Celtics and to me, denying most everyone of one last present. The previous year they played Grinch as they beat the Suns. This year’s match up is highlighted with Nike’s poster children in Bron vs. Kobe. I’m sure we’ll be treated to at least one new lame puppet commercial this was one of the few that I liked. I’m restlessly anticipating this commercial premier if you can’t tell. I thought the first couple commercials were funny, but now they are just annoying. Give us something new on Christmas! Hopefully the Grinch won’t be around to steal my final present this year. I like my chances with Lebron and Co. matching up with them. Although I don’t think the Cavs are as good as them, I think they have as good a chance as anyone does going into Staples Center. I probably thought the same thing last year with the Celtics, and was disappointed, so this year I’ll go in with slightly lower expectations. Especially since the Lakers are the best team in the league. Maybe Kobe should break another one of his fingers, it seems like he’s only gotten better since breaking the last one!

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