Stephen Jackson Heading to Charlotte

To quote every other website out there, Stephen Jackson got his wish this morning. There’s still a lot of details that have yet to come out. I don’t mean that in the sense of who was involved. Personally, I’m more curious about three other things. Did they trade him to Charlotte out of spite, or was that the best offer they received, and most importantly, how does Jack feel about this? His agent already went on the record saying he’s thrilled, but he’s the same guy who said some stuff a week ago that Jackson publicly denied. It shouldn’t be long before some direct quotes surface. Then, it shouldn’t be long after that some contradictory quotes follow. That’s his style.

Anyway, until that’s all cleared up, and perhaps the Warriors specify if they plan to keep Bell and/or Radmanovic, I’m going to hold off on judgment. Til then, click below for the best source of Warrior fan reactions…

Golden State of Mind

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