Daily Archives: November 18, 2009

CSI – Gasol

In case you missed it – and let’s hope you did – here’s a short clip of Pau Gasol doing what he does best… acting. What you’re about to see hear is the aftermath of a possibly fatal car crash. Can’t tell if Pau is speaking with an American accent or not, he seems to go back and forth. Whatever the case, it appears he started a video game company with all the extra time on his hands.

Jamarcus Russell Benched For Remainder of the Season!

Great news, Raider fans! Coach Tom Cable announced today that Bruce Gradkowski will start this weekend against Cincinnati, and likely for the remainder of the season. This isn’t great news in the sense that Gradkowski will make the team that much better, rather it likely signals the beginning of the end of the Jamarcus Russell era in Oakland. No one can say he wasn’t given plenty of chances, he just simply couldn’t get the job done. Now, I’m not going to sit hear and say when they drafted him, I knew it’d be a bust. But, when they drafted him, I knew it’d be a bust.

Anyway, this gives Raider fans more of what they’ve come to know as the top of the mountain lately, which is hope. With the team looking primed for a high pick, it’s looking probable that they’ll go for Sam Bradford or Colt McCoy. That will the give the team and its fans plenty of, well, hope going into next season. Ah, what a great day to be a Raider fan.