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RFP of the Day: Dwayne Schintzius

A couple weeks back, I alluded to the 1990 NBA Draft as being one of the greatest RFP draft classes EVER. Today’s man of the hour was the 24th overall pick that year by the San Antonio Spurs. Schintzius was a relatively solid prospect coming out of Florida, where he averaged over 19 points and 9 rebounds per game through the first 11 contests of his senior season, before his infamous departure from the Florida Gators. He quit the team on account of his conflict with his new coach, noting that he couldn’t “sail under the authority of Captain Ahab.”

Nonethelss, Schintzius went on to play 8 seasons in the NBA for the Spurs, Kings, Nets, Pacers, Clippers and Celtics. His most productive year came in 1991-1992 in Sacramento, where he average 3.3 points and 3.6 rebounds per game. Acquired in a trade for fellow RFP, Antoine Carr, he also averaged a career high 12 minutes per game that season, however, he was also released by the Kings during the season. Enough on-the-court facts though, Schintzius was better known for his off-the-court achievements.  His Captain Ahab quote firmly ranks third on the list of most notable Schintzius accomplishments.

#2 – His role as Russian center, Ivan Radovadovitch, in the 1996 critically acclaimed Whoopi Goldberg film, “Eddie.”

#1 – His mullet. Simply one of the greatest mullets in sports of ALL TIME.

Stephen Curry Doin Blogging!

Stephen Curry WarriorsMaybe Curry is trying to get recognized in elevators, or maybe Curry just wants to take us to the alternate universe that is your 2009-10 Golden State Warriors. Whatever the case, if any sports fans actually read GQ, then they will get to read about Stephen Curry’s rookie campaign. Having many guys already hurt (Biendris, Wright, and Turiaf) they have no size, so Curry’s blog may well be the one thing to consistently follow this season!

In his first entry Curry tells us about how he was just about ready to suit up for the game, and needed to go to back to his car. No, not to get his shoes that he left at the hotel or that he needed something that would help him during the game, but he went back to his car to re-tape himself pulling up to the arena for NBA.com. Yes, this always seems to be a problem we run into. Hey Mceezy, you forgot to tag those links in this mornings post! So much for spontaneity! I did LOVE how he gave the Oracle crowd props for being so loud towards the end of the game! More than I can say for SJax…

In his second entry, Curry faced off with the legendary Steve Nash, and seemed to think that he could emulate him one day. I hope he’s right, and I hope that is with the Warriors. It wasn’t all that exciting of an entry, but did produce this golden nugget of a quote.

Stephen Curry Deandre Jordan“We had Saturday off, and then Sunday was probably our best practice of the year. Everybody was focused and working hard for two hours. And the veterans, they don’t really do that too often. I think the mood of the team is pretty positive right now, even though we’re 0-2. I’m looking forward to tomorrow. [Golden State would beat Memphis 113-105 the next night]”

I guess this is something that dubs fans probably knew for awhile, but it kind of sucks to see it in writing. I guess that’s probably why they have long mental lapses during the games. I guess if AI doesn’t need practice, then why would any of the other veterans!