Explicit Cheerleading Routine Drives Old People Nuts

Wow, old people just keep getting older.  I’m no kid myself, but I’m siding with the teenage girls on this one.  When I saw all the hullabaloo about this “racy” number, I knew it’d be blown out of proportion.  BUT, this was even tamer than I expected!  I feel like I wasted 3 minutes of my life, but who knows, maybe it will do something for you. 

Sorry for the overly ambitious title, but c’mon, that’s how the news web sites get clicks!  Would you have clicked on this had it said “5 white girls and an Asian dance out of sync”?  Really?  Hmm, maybe I would too.

UPDATE:  Damn, these uptight soccer moms are relentless!  Embedding was disabled, so you’ll have to go to the source.

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