Michael Jordan at 46 Still Has Game

This clip has been popping up in various places around the web for a bit, with MJ’s recent Hall of Fame speech making headlines, I thought it appropriate to put some context behind those words. Simply put, the man is a KILLER on the basketball court, and he said as much in his induction speech. Take this video of Michael at his Flight School in Santa Barbara, a little innocent smack talk with Slamball super star (is that an oxymoron?) Chris “The Ghetto Bird” Young, leads to a standing reverse dunk, in jeans no less, followed by a quick one on one beat down. If he had to rip your throat out on the court to get a W he wouldn’t blink to do it. Maybe stodgy reporters like Rick Reilly can hate on Jordan these days, but sports fans in the trenches like us will give him is due anytime….Well played MJ shutting up that young buck.  

8 responses to “Michael Jordan at 46 Still Has Game

  • abritishman


    At 46 MJ may still have game . But now , enough is enough ! Any thought of him returning to the NBA . Well let’s just say it’s almost repulsive as the once never-ending saga of Brett Favre and his forays of back and forth in the NFL.

    Prokhorov confirms interest in the Nets …..

    MOSCOW — Russia’s richest man, Mikhail Prokhorov, has made a takeover bid for the New Jersey Nets, the tycoon confirmed on his blog on Tuesday.

    Prokhorov, a former nickel mining baron, boasts that if his move is successful, it would be the first time a National Basketball Association club would come under foreign control.

    Prokhorov’s proposals, sent to existing Nets shareholders over the weekend, would see his Onexim group provide a loan to build a substantial part of a new arena, according to a post on his Web site.

    Click here to read further …….

    Sorry Jay-z and Marc Ratner but you are now the weakest link. Goodbye !

    My latest it’s on the Jags .

    http://abritishman.wordpress.com/2009/09/22/this-little-piggy-went-to-market-this-little-piggy-stayed-at-home-this-little-piggy-named-jacksonville-is-soon-liable-to-be-ran-right-out-of-town/ ….

  • abritishman


    Just read this concerning Chelsea . And in light of the UEFA ban on them accessing the transfer market. What’s your take on it all ?

    Chelsea face QPR test in League Cup …….

    And this was an original piece that I’d done on the story surrounding the ban.

    There Are Rules And Then There Are Rules So Why Break Them …. ?

  • dyslecix

    I don’t think the ban is a big problem at this point. Chelsea have a squad that is solidified and doesn’t need any additions in the near term. This actually forces Chelsea to play its youth academy players more, which I think is a blessing in disguise. If anything it highlights areas of focus down in the reserves and academy teams.

    As to the ban itself, there are many accounts that say Chelsea wasn’t to blame, and that the kid and parent didn’t even know they had signed a pre-contract aggreement. I think blame should be shared by several different parties including Chelsea, the ban seems harsh in a larger context. Think of Fabergas at Aresenal, Macheda at Man-U, amomgst others, the practice of the big four in England (add Manchester City to the list now) snatching up youth academy kids across Europe is a rampant problem.

    • theoraclesays


      From the standpoint in terms of immediacy that may well be the case. But as to the future one can’t be sure , merely because we don’t really know how good those prospects may or not be.

      The ban itself wasn’t without merit as it was done as deterrent to others. It makes the club down the line really think about the consequence of their actions. That’s why FIFA made that call. And it was recognized by UEFA as well.

      You know what this also does ? It acts an impediment to the side in terms of them wanting a player from European team. Because of the actions taken in luring Kukuta in the way they did. It makes Chelsea a villain. Especially as the kid was still under contract.

      It’s not only across Europe but also on the African continent. You’ve got a number of agents going there and promising young kids untold riches. In some cases they’ve actually had a parent essentially sign away their parental rights for a mere pittance to us but a fortune in their eyes. ESPN’s Outside The Lines did a story on this earlier on this year.

      This was a piece I’d done on the upcoming World Cup to be held next year in South Africa .

      Where There’s A Will There’s A Way …………

  • dyslecix

    All fair points..but the precedent has been set for many years regardless of Chelsea’s involvement. They just caught are the ones being made an example of…it could have been anybody.

    • theoraclesays


      Precedence being what it is. Soccer – in particular FIFA and UEFA want to be seen as having its house in order. It’s been bad enough that it took them almost a decade to address the racial issue concerning the players being taunted and in some cases being attacked by fans – in some cases other players being attacked and taunted by an opponent.

      They choose to ignore something likes this then the game becomes lacking in credibility in terms how it conducts its business off the field of play.

  • theoraclesays


    Dropped this on the upcoming heavyweight title bout between Chris Arreola and Vitali Klitschko , which takes place this weekend at the Staples Ctr.

    http://theoraclesays.wordpress.com/2009/09/23/someone-has-got-to-clean-house-so-why-not-this-guy/ …..

    As and when you’re ready let me know what you think as to its merits ?

  • theoraclesays


    Dropped this on the NFL ,concerning coaches on the ‘hot seat’.

    Who’s Going To Be On The NFL Coaches Hot Seat .. ?

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