Why is the NBA Hating on SJax?

SJax should be screaming about the $25K he was just fined!Steven Jackson was fined $25K for conduct detrimental to the league a couple of days ago. I didn’t think much of it at the time, but as I pondered it more, I realized that I’ve never heard of a fine going down like this, have you? I guess saying you want to be traded hurts the league in someway or another, but shouldn’t it be a teams discretion to hand that fine out? Being a Warriors fan, I honestly can understand why he’d want out of GS to go to a contender. Not that I don’t have confidence in our young core, Jackson is getting older and knows his NBA life is ticking down to 10 on the shot clock. It’s not the first player in a Warriors uniform that has wanted to leave, and I’m sure it won’t be the last. I wrote about how retarded his trade demands were after signing an extension to stay in Golden State longer, but at the same time I don’t agree with the league fining him. If his comments were such a distraction I could see GS management fining him, but not the league.

I’m not sure why Kobe, Shaq, Al Harrington, or the many other players that have asked for trades didn’t get fined. Are their comments in interviews that much less detrimental to the league? Doesn’t it seem like the Lakers franchise player demanding a trade, should warrant the same type of fine! The case the NBA pointed to is when they fined Ron Artest in the 05-06 season, but I couldn’t figure out exactly what happened in that situation. I guess they just want to fine the guys that had to do with the melee in Detroit.

Or maybe since the NBA is in such a deep financial hole they are trying to do a little economic blackmail. Why not take a little money from the players where they can. It’s not like the Warriors are struggling financially as they have a surprisingly solid fan base, and are in the top half of the league in ticket sales. So why not hand down a fine to one of their top paid players. If I were Jackson, I’d demand the players association does something about it, because it seems unfair to him!

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3 responses to “Why is the NBA Hating on SJax?

  • theoraclesays


    Not so long ago the NBA was all about trying to keep that pristine image in order to protect that image and to appease their corporate sponsors. However , I for one feel that David Stern with his autocratic behavior has made it somewhat boring . It’s now either his way or the highway.

    As to the business side of the NBA – the thing you have to be asking is – are the Warriors a profitable going concern ? Just because they’ve a solid fan base . It doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re successful as a business entity.

    Alan Parkins

  • Adam

    Who cares? There is only one SJax and he plays in the NFL.

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