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Legalize It: Smoking Cigars on SF Courses

Not everyone looks good in floppy hats

Not everyone looks good in floppy hats

For a large percentage of the folks who enjoy the sport, smoking cigars and playing golf go hand-in-hand.  You’ll see guys lighting up a stogie in good weather and in bad, during a good round and through the shanks.  And it seems as though the wealthier the golfer, the more abundant the cigars. 

Which brings me to our subject today, the Honorary Assistant Captain of the US President’s Cup Team, Michael Jeffrey Jordan, “His Airness”.  This weekend the 8th President’s Cup will be hosted at Harding Park in San Francisco, pitting a talented US Team versus an International Team comprised of the top twelve players in the world outside of the US and continental Europe.  Harding Park is a municipal course owned by the Parks and Recreations of San Francisco, and hosting a tournament of this magnitude is a tremendous and distinct honor.  And for Jordan being selected an Honorary assistant to Captain Fred Couples is another great perk for the basketball legend and celebrity. 

Jordan spotted preparing for his role as Honorary Asst. Captain... in Cabo!

Jordan spotted preparing for his role as Honorary Assistant Captain... in Cabo!

Along with being a course of the people comes the laws of the people, specifically health ordinances recently put into play.  Little known fact: San Francisco banned the smoking of cigars (and cigarettes of course) as part of a city-wide ordinance to keep the city parks smoke-free.  And Harding is certainly near the top of the list in terms of kept up Parks in the city.  I’ll also vouch for beautifully kept Fleming, the nine-hole executive course located on the same property between Harding’s front and back nine.

Honorary Assistant Captain Jordan was spotted on Tuesday at Harding in a practice round with a very large stogie simmering away.  Heck we have the pictures to prove it.  Only problem is, if the city wanted to prosecute, the most they could do is send him a ticket for a measly $100.  One would guess Jordan could pay the fine with one of the benjamins he uses to light a new cigar, but he doesn’t, he uses old thousand dollar bills and would have to ask for change.

His Airness after he heard about the $100 fine
His Airness after he heard about the $100 fine

So the debate rages on: Should Jordan obey the order from the city or should he ignore it for this special occasion?  He was asked about the topic and responded by saying he knew it was wrong but thought he could slide by in this situation.  Asked in an interview by PGATour.com how many cigars he would smoke during the week, “I would say (it’s) a three-cigar round. I would try to keep it at a minimum of three.”  That’s right, a MINIMUM of three per day.

After further review, I think the city should uphold its ordinance in this situation, and follow Jordan around the course all week.  If/when he smokes three per day, over the next 5 days, send him 15 tickets at $100 a pop.  For a guy like Jordan this is tip money at most, and in a city like San Francisco his money is more than welcome.  Whether or not I agree with the ordiannce is a different story, but the law is the law!  Reflecting back on his recent Hall of Fame induction speech, Jordan’s not the only one who can leave a bad taste in someone’s mouth…

Why is the NBA Hating on SJax?

SJax should be screaming about the $25K he was just fined!Steven Jackson was fined $25K for conduct detrimental to the league a couple of days ago. I didn’t think much of it at the time, but as I pondered it more, I realized that I’ve never heard of a fine going down like this, have you? I guess saying you want to be traded hurts the league in someway or another, but shouldn’t it be a teams discretion to hand that fine out? Being a Warriors fan, I honestly can understand why he’d want out of GS to go to a contender. Not that I don’t have confidence in our young core, Jackson is getting older and knows his NBA life is ticking down to 10 on the shot clock. It’s not the first player in a Warriors uniform that has wanted to leave, and I’m sure it won’t be the last. I wrote about how retarded his trade demands were after signing an extension to stay in Golden State longer, but at the same time I don’t agree with the league fining him. If his comments were such a distraction I could see GS management fining him, but not the league.

I’m not sure why Kobe, Shaq, Al Harrington, or the many other players that have asked for trades didn’t get fined. Are their comments in interviews that much less detrimental to the league? Doesn’t it seem like the Lakers franchise player demanding a trade, should warrant the same type of fine! The case the NBA pointed to is when they fined Ron Artest in the 05-06 season, but I couldn’t figure out exactly what happened in that situation. I guess they just want to fine the guys that had to do with the melee in Detroit.

Or maybe since the NBA is in such a deep financial hole they are trying to do a little economic blackmail. Why not take a little money from the players where they can. It’s not like the Warriors are struggling financially as they have a surprisingly solid fan base, and are in the top half of the league in ticket sales. So why not hand down a fine to one of their top paid players. If I were Jackson, I’d demand the players association does something about it, because it seems unfair to him!