PGA Player of the Year, Tiger Woods Once Again

Tiger WoodsWith the PGA Season wrapping up, it’s time to evaluate whether anyone not named Tiger has a chance to win the Player of the Year honors pending the FedEx Cup results. It’s almost a given each year that Tiger will win the award, but sometimes there are a few players that give Tiger a run for his money. I have no idea how they figure out who had the best season or what the exact criteria is, but here are some of my picks for players that had a good enough season to be considered!

Tiger Woods (0 Majors, 5 PGA Wins, and 1st in the FedEx Cup Standings)

Coming off his knee surgery it took him a whole three tournaments to record his first win of the season. He went on to win three of the next four tournaments that he played in. The only real scuff on Tiger’s season resume was that he didn’t win a single major. Many believed (myself included) that he’d be able to win one and probably two of the majors this year. This was the first year failed to win a major since 2004, which would be the equivalent of blacking out, and having money still in your wallet the next morning. He didn’t even make the cut for this years British Open, which I personally enjoyed. You can’t say it was an off year for him as he leads the tour in average round scoring, money, and wins. Pretty easy choice for POTY, but he did show that he is vulnerable.

Y.E. Yang (PGA Championship, 2 wins, 7th in FedEx Cup Standings)

Y.E. won his first two PGA events of his career this season, and seems to be on the path to a great career.Y.E. Yang Fist Pump He is the only player to post a win in a major and a win in another PGA tournament. His year will undoubtedly be known for beating the best player in the world in the final pairing of the PGA Championship. He showed us something that nobody else has, he can fist pump as good as Tiger when making a charge in the final round. He is easily the runner up for player of the year in my mind. I hope we get to see him and Tiger can battle it out again in the FedEx Cup.

Steve Stricker (0 Majors, 2 wins, 2nd in the FedEx Cup Standings)

He earned the “Mr. Consistent” award from me for his performance this season. The 42 year old has had one of his best seasons winning twice, and had eight top ten finishes. The technically sound Stricker should be a threat to Tiger in the FedEx Cup.

Kenny Perry (0 Majors, 2 wins, 4th in the FedEx Cup Standings)

Perry won the FBR Open for his sick father. Perry will tell you his father held on just to watch his son play some good golf.Kenny Perry He won the next weekend as well. Perry also had the lead in the Masters through 16 holes. He needed to finish with a par and a bogey to win. His chipping hurt him as he finished with two straight bogeys and handed the trophy over to Cink.

Zach Johnson (0 Majors, 2 Wins, 3rd in the FedEx Cup Standings)

ZJ, the guy I can never seem to like/root for, had a good season winning two events. He was consistently high on the leader boards finishing in the top 10 in 7 events.zach johnson He is also the golfer who played the least PGA events (21) on my player of the year list. He either needs a new pair of shades or to grow a little taller before you’ll find me rooting for him.

Honorable mention, Tom Watson, he probably would have been just under Tiger had he won the British Open. He’s a 59 year old, and almost won a Major. It was by far the most interesting major of this season, and probably the best since Tiger’s hobbled effort at the US Open last summer. If only he could have made that 8 ft. putt to avoid going into a playoff.

So it looks like Tiger should be Player of the Year once again. It will be his tenth POTY award that he can add to his always expanding trophy room down in Florida.

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8 responses to “PGA Player of the Year, Tiger Woods Once Again

  • Alan Parkins


    By his own admittance even Tiger Woods’ll telly you that he’s had a disappointing year. Having not won a major . Which for all sense and purpose is his utmost priority year in, year out . That being said I think he’ll be the overwhelming favorite to win the PGA Tour Player of the Year Award. Multiple wins and several top ten finishes , just goes to show his consistency throughout the year.

    But I do believe that in ’10 he’ll more than make amends for something of a down year in ’09.

    Alan Parkins

    • chappy81

      Yeah, he definately set his bar way higher than anyone we’ve ever seen. It was the first time since 04 that he didn’t win a major, I think that’ll make him win at least two next year. I know that he wants Jack’s record bad, and I’m sure he’ll get it unless he has some freak accident… Did you check out the Cleveland promo codes? You can get some good apparel for cheap!

  • Alan Parkins


    At this point in time Tiger’s main concern will be The Majors .Simply put , absolutely nothing else matters. Once he surpasses Jack Nicklaus’ record of 18 Grand Slam major wins . That’s when he’ll feel at ease with his overall accomplishments.

    By the way as a footnote the site is now being moved to within the network ( . Though it wasn’t my idea , the guy who’s the main proprietor of the site thought it’d be in our best interest in order to attain more of a patronage in terms of readership.

    Below I’ve left a link to it for you to peruse and let me know what you think in terms of its presentation. As always I’ll look forward to reading your comments. On a side-note just to let you know I’m an avid Pats’ fan and not a Browns’ fan at heart.

    Alan Parkins

    • chappy81

      I fully agree, Tiger won’t be happy until he beats Jack, but I’m sure he wants to be atop the all time wins list as well.

      God, not a Pats fan! I still hold on to that first AFC Championship game. It WAS a fumble! Brady’s gay tuck rule!

      Interesting move, honestly I liked the way your site looked before the move, but if you think you can generate more hits there, then more power to you! They contacted us to move to MVN, and I wrote them an e-mail, but never heard back. If they can’t respond to an e-mail they don’t deserve all the work we put into our posts!

  • Alan Parkins

    Look the only reason I’m a Pats’ fan. It’s simply from the fact the first NFL game I’d attended after arriving here from the UK in the early nineties. I was taken to a Dolphins’ game. There was something of an unsavory incident wherein there were some racial epithets thrown my way at the time. I vowed from thereon in that I’d support the opposing team. At the time it just happened to the Pats. And I’ve supported them ever since.

    As to the fumble , I just bygones be bygones. Nothing can be gained at all by moping over spilt milk.

    In terms of the NBA it’s the Spurs , and the MLB it’s the Marlins. Can’t stand the NHL at all !
    Even though I’ve just finished a piece on them.

    As things now stand, I’ll continue to do pieces within American Sports Blog ( ’til things get properly sorted out.

    See the most recent pieces for which I’ve provided a link to below.

    And The Survey Says

    To Know Me Is To Love Me What The Hell Is Wrong With The NHL ?

    Alan Parkins

  • chappy81

    Well, if you’ve never met a Raider fan now you have. And we don’t let bygones be bygones as we should have been in the Super Bowl that year, and the Pats should have one less on that dynasty resume… As you know we are at an all-time low as far as the franchise goes, so being bitter is just going to happen until we win enough to forget about it…

    I just root for the Bay Area teams, Oakland A’s, Oakland Raiders, and Golden State Warriors…

    I’ll check out your posts…

    • Alan Parkins

      I feel your pain concerning the Raiders ! But their malaise comes from the very fact . That, as long as Al Davis has his hands on the reins. Then the franchise won’t progress as an organization or as a team competitively. They’ve made far too many mistakes when it has come to player personnel decisions. Can someone tell me why Robert Gallery still continues to collect a paycheck from them ?

      This will be a make or break year for the franchise one way or another. Another sub par season. And it’ll be back to the drawing board once again. I doubt if the vast majority of the Raider Nation can continue to stomach that.

      Alan Parkins

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