Stricker Trying to Make a Case for PGA Player of the Year

Steve Stricker Tee Shot

With Steve Stricker’s victory last weekend at Deutsche Bank Classic, he has made the Player of the year award at least somewhat of a two man race. I had him at a very close 3rd on my original list, and while Yang’s PGA Championship win was impressive, Stricker’s win last weekend gave him a boost into second behind Tiger as he took the lead on the FedEx leaderboard, and pulled out a come from behind win against a top notch field. If he somehow pulls out of the playoffs holding the FedEx Cup, it may be tough to not give him the POY award.

I find the FedEx Cup has made a drastic improvement in the way I and fans pay attention to the golf after the last major is over. It’s made the POY award worth debating in the final weeks. It’s made the best in the world keep playing in tournaments that aren’t from their sponsors. In years past the top players would pack their bags, and head into the offseason not caring about the last couple months and playing in maybe one or two of the tournaments. The Playoffs have been great for the game and the fans!

Stricker’s bid in the BMW didn’t exactly start the way he hoped as he was one over through the first round Thursday, but there is no cut so he’s not out of it by any means at six back with three to go. Stricker has won back to back comeback player of the year awards, and was probed about winning it for a third straight year after his win on Labor Day “I think I’m over that now.” He was also asked about winning the POY award and laughed, noting that he’d have to do something impressive to overtake the obvious leader (Tiger). To trump Tiger’s five wins, Stricker will have to pull out a FedEx Cup Championship, and possibly win one of the two remaining tournaments. I think either of the two scenarios would give the voters much to weigh on. Golf is one of the rare sports that lets the players have a say in the POY award, and I have a feeling they will weigh heavily what happens these last couple weeks!

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4 responses to “Stricker Trying to Make a Case for PGA Player of the Year

  • dyslecix

    If Tiger wins this week (what are the odds he doesn’t at Cog Hill of all places), I’d say its over. Stricker needs to place in the top-10 this week to have a chance and it doesn’t seem likely with his two over par round todya.

    • chappy81

      Yeah, a little after I put this up, I checked todays round and it doesn’t look promising for him… His only chance now is to hope Tiger doesn’t win or get in the top 3 or 4, and he’d probably have to win at Cog Hill to make it even a debate for POY….

  • Kent

    Looks like Tiger will indisputedly win this award now! i don’t see him losing a six stroke lead, just one more accomplishment for Tigers already huge trophy room!

  • Alan Parkins


    The only case that can be made for Stricker is that he’s had an outstanding season by his standards. But as to Player of The Year. Well that ought to go to Woods. I can’t put it anymore succinctly than that. And that has to be the case should he win Fedex Cup points race. In all certainty , if he places in the top 5 in the Tour Championship. Then he ought to have it all sewn up .

    Alan Parkins

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