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Tribute to Frank

I was watching Jimmy Kimmel last night for the first time in a little while. This was also the first time I’d ever seen Jimmy all choked up. Usually he never strays from his goofy half stoned looking grin, but before he could introduce the segment about his Uncle Frank that recently passed he couldn’t hold it together, which was completely understandable. Frank might not have been the biggest star out there, but he always came through with something funny in his segments. If there’s anything to learn from Frank, it’s that you can still have fun when you have old balls. I’m ten times more shaken up over this loss than I was with Amy Winehouse…

A Moment of Silence For Manute Please

Manute Bol died on Saturday from kidney trouble coupled with a painful skin disease at the very young age of 47. I meant to get a post up about one of my favorite Warriros players growing up when I heard that he passed away, but time just didn’t allow that to happen over the weekend. He played three of his ten seasons for the Dubs, and I’ll always remember the first time I saw Manute play live in Oakland. My uncle took me to a game, and the 7 foot 7 toothpick was the guy that easily caught my 8 year old attention span. Just watching the guy run up and down the court was amazing. I remember his legs reminding me of stilts, and had a hard time figuring out how they supported him. From that point on, I always followed him on the court when watching them play, whether he was bombing an ill-advised three or if he was just roaming along the paint waiting for someone to try to throw up a shot that he could swat into the fifth row. I will always be grateful to him for what he brought to the Warriors, as he was there during the Run TMC days, and that was truly our last golden era in Bay Area basketball.

He was a selfless man on and off the court, and was known rightfully for his shot blocking abilities. Manute was the only player ever to block more shots (3.3) than score points (2.6), which shouldn’t come as a surprise from the NBA’s tallest player ever. Manute has the most blocks per 48 minutes (8.6), and also ranks fourteenth on the all-time block list with 2,086 for his career.

Bol was even more of a man off the court as he helped his home country (Sudan) more than anyone ever had. He donated about $6 million of his earnings to help his impoverished home country. It’s too bad that being on those missions may have been what lead to some of his health problems, but we know that he would be the first to say it was well worth it… His countless missions to the Sudan to helped inspire the unispired, and has shown people that sometimes guys do spend their money on a worthwhile cause! His legacy will live on through the work he did off the court.

Manute was my team logo for fantasy last season, so I guess I’ll have to keep that for another year as a tribute to him, and his greatness as a person!

Guru Gone Too Soon

Keith Elam died of cancer related causes Monday after a long battle with the disease. Keith was more known by his rapper alias, Guru, and for being part of the group Gangstarr. If you liked hip-hop in the late 90’s, or early part of the 00 decade you have of heard of him and most likely some of his music. It’s always sad to see someone pass away at such a young age (47) from a disease. You may remember back in March when it was reported that he suffered a stroke, but that wasn’t his only health problem as there was a little more behind the story than what was originally reported. Who knows, I might want to hide that I have cancer. Anyways, I always liked Guru’s music, and hope that his death at least ended the suffering he was going through to battle the disease. I think Guru knew that we’d be writing a tribute to him when he passed. I mean, why else would he have written a perfect theme song for our blog about doin work!?!