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Doin Santa’s Naughty and Nice List

We decided to get into the holiday spirit, and help Santa with his list since he’s probably forgetful now that he’s 1,852 years old. Plus we know he checks Doin Work regularly, and if he isn’t listening to our advice, it’s probably the Santa at Macy’s that drank himself into blurry vision that is reading our regular visitor instead.



Randy Moss – traded twice in one season, some say due to the bad mouth and worse attitude he has decided to display in the twilight of his career

What Randy wants for Xmas – A few more TDs to pad his career stats, another trip to the Pro Bowl to lock up a first ballot HOF vote, and I maybe a SB win, but that’s a team thing so maybe not.

What Randy gets from Santa – the first two 0 target games of his career, a suit case that doesn’t need unpacking, and apparently bad Mexican food in Minny.

Dustin Johnson – Led late in two different Majors this season, and came up short in each, with a major blunder in the PGA that cost him a spot in a playoff.

What DJ wants for Xmas – More  accuracy with that canon driver he has, or maybe the sense to use his 3 wood more often since he hits that 300 yards easy.

What DJ gets from Santa – Lessons learned the hard way for the talented 26 year old, a top 5 on the money list, a top 15 in world rankings, $4.5M in earnings and a RULE BOOK with the bunker section highlighted.


Francisco Rodriguez – Assaulting your father-in-law in front of a crowd children and women.

What Frankie wants for Xmas– His pitching arm to heal and reach the 90 MPH range again after injuring the arm throwing heymakers at the father-in-law.

What Frankie gets from Santa – A trip back to the Domincan with no paycheck from the Mets.

Floyd Mayweather –   Continue reading

Heartbreak In Detroit

Tough break for Armando Galarraga tonight. The Tigers pitcher had a Perfect Game through 8 2/3 innings, only to see it snatched right out from under him by a blown call at first. Who deserves the blame? The obvious culprit here is first base umpire, Jim Joyce, who will probably receive some much-deserved hate mail over the next week or two. But in reality, there are two other individuals who indirectly affected the outcome of this game. See, the Perfect Game is widely considered the rarest feat in sports. From 1880-2009, there were only 18 ever thrown. 1880 was also the only season in which two Perfect Games were thrown – until this year. First Dallas Braden threw the 19th in history, followed a couple weeks later by Roy Halladay.  Suddenly, the Perfect Game was becoming more common. Enter Galarraga, who was putting in a solid bid to throw the 21st Perfect Game in 130 years, but also the 3rd in the last month. Somewhere the powers that be were cringing at the thought. I’m not crying foul here, but someone’s emotions got the best of them here. Usually you’ll see the umpire give a pitcher a little more leeway behind the plate down the stretch of a No Hit bid, but if not for Braden and Halladay already notching Perfect Games this year, that umpire calls it an out. You can’t argue that. I’m not sure why all of a sudden pitchers are throwing no hitters three times more often that Ian Kinsler and Grady Sizemore are homering, but maybe pitchers are just getting better. It’s like they say in basketball, great offense always beats great defense (who is that, Mark Jackson?). Perhaps in baseball, great pitching always beats great hitting. So, they may have stopped Armando Galarraga this time, but there’ll be another guy, and another guy after that, who can’t be stopped by a close call. The bottom line is it’s going to happen, and maybe lose its luster a bit, but the game hasn’t changed that much. Before you know it, there’ll be a five or six year span where no one does it. You can’t change history – it’ll all even out over time. So here’s a big BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO for Jim Joyce.

Welcome to Relevancy, Braden

The 209 hasn’t gotten this much love since Celly Cel’s 1998 heater, “The Bay”

Last week, Dallas Braden was only known outside of Northern California as the guy who called A-Roid out. The guy who has accomplished nothing in his major league career, but was blasting one of the game’s highest profile stars in the media. Many outside of the Bay Area simply shook their heads saying, “who is this guy to call out A-Rod?” But then, to the surprise of everyone, Braden comes out and throws just the 19th perfect game in the history of baseball, and the ultimate “what now” to Rodriguez. A-Rod’s last comments were that he didn’t want to extend Braden’s 15 minutes of fame. Well, Braden’s going to have more than 15 minutes now. He accomplished the rarest feat in all of sports, something A-Rod will never do.  Sure, Rodriguez tied Frank Robinson on the all-time Home Run list, but you can win $2 on a lottery ticket 500 times and it doesn’t stack up to winning the jackpot. Here’s a rundown of all the publicity Dallas Braden is garnering now….

It is (Un)Writ: Dallas Braden Has Spoken – Jeff Mac Gregor, Espn.com

Dallas Braden’s Perfect Approach – Jerry Crasnick, Espn.com

Remembering When Braden Was a (non)Prospect – Rob Neyer, Espn.com (Rob Neyer is one of the few writers who knows anything about the A’s)

Before Braden Got the Win, Grandma Got the Save – Scott Ostler, San Francisco Chronicle

USA Today: Daily Pitch

True Rival For Yankees in Words and Deeds – New York Times (This one’s good. Apparently the Yankees are too good for the Red Sox now, so at least maybe Braden and the A’s can provide a challenge for them!)

Braden’s Perfect Game Drags A-Rod Into Spotlight Again – Mike Vaccaro, New York Post (This one’s even better. This clown makes Braden’s perfect game all about A-Rod)

Nothing Perfect About Rays Against Lefties – Joe Henderson, Tampa Tribune (It’s more about the Rays, and rightfully so. But c’mon Joe. A perfect game is all about the pitcher, not the hitters)

Braden’s Mother’s Day Gift Is Perfect- Jeff Passan, Yahoo Sports (I don’t know that I’d kick it with Passan in real life, but I like him on paper. He does his homework and always comes correct)

Braden’s Perfecto Could’ve Ended On An Unwritten Rule Violation – Duk, Yahoo Sports (Let’s not play dumb. Everyone knows you don’t bunt to break up a no hitter. But, in fairness to the Rays, “YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME”, so I don’t blame Longoria. I’m just glad he didn’t succeed)

More On Dallas Braden’s Perfect Game

Normally I wouldn’t piggyback on Chappy’s post on the same subject, but today’s gem by Dallas Braden is just too significant on too many levels for me to pass up. The obvious part is that he dons the green and gold. I’ve been a lifelong A’s fan and this is the first perfect game by an Athletic in my lifetime. The only other one was Catfish Hunter’s in 1968. It also helps that Braden has been making a lot of noise in the media as a result of his encounter with Alex Rodriguez. While most baseball traditionalists agreed with Braden’s sentiments, many others were asking, “Who is Dallas Braden?” Even A-Rod dusted off Braden’s objections because he “only has a handful of wins.” I get that, but it doesn’t matter who you are at that point. I was hoping that Braden would have a good season to back up his comments a little bit, but I never could have begun to hope for this. I’m pretty sure everyone in baseball knows who he is now.

What many people don’t know – or at least didn’t before today – is Braden lost his mother to cancer in high school. So, to accomplish this feat on Mother’s Day is an amazing tribute. Though, while she wasn’t at the stadium to witness it today, his grandmother was, and he shared an emotional hug with her in front of the dugout after the game. He also had the support of his usual Stockton contingent, or section 209, which is also the area code of Stockton.

Dallas Braden was never supposed to be a factor in the big leagues. He was a 24th round draft pick of the A’s in 2004. I remember seeing his major league debut in 2007. I thought, who is this guy with the flat bill on his cap? He won his first decision, but finished the season with a 1-8 record. When I moved from the Bay Area to Sacramento in the middle of the season, Braden also was sent down to AAA-Sacramento. He wasn’t exactly dominant, but he did show signs of brilliance, in particular when he struck out 17 batters in a game late that season. Over the next season, he looked like he was going to be mired in the minor leagues for life, but he kept working, and there’s one thing you can say about Braden, he’s all business on the field. As a result, Braden has proved over the course of the last season and a half that he belongs. Today though, he proved more than that.

Alex Does Dallas Dirty

Yesterday Dallas Braden got a little peeved when A-Rod broke an unspoken baseball rule by running across the mound. Robinson Cano was at the plate and hit a foul ball and A-Rod went from 1st to 3rd. A-Rod returned to first base by running across the top of the mound, and Braden was furious about the action, and after Cano grounded out on the next play Braden had to be pulled/escorted off the field by A’s Manager Bob Geren as he tossed out some lyrical pitches in the form of f-bombs in A-Rod’s direction. Here’s the analysis from Harold Reynolds on MLBTV. After the game, Braden spoke of the unspoken rule that the pitcher owns the mound, and no player should be on the mound besides the pitcher out of respect. Here is some of the he said she said that went on…

A-Rod told reporters “He just told me to get off his mound. I was a little surprised. I’ve never quite heard that, especially from a guy that has a handful of wins in his career. I’ve never even heard of that in my career and I still don’t know. I thought it was pretty funny, actually.

Braden had a little more to say about getting so fired up, “The long and short of it is it’s pretty much baseball etiquette. He should probably take a note from his captain over there,” referring to Yankees leader Derek Jeter, “because you don’t run across the pitcher’s mound in between an inning or during the game. I was just dumbfounded that he would let that slip his mind. I was just trying to convey to him that I was still out there, that ball’s in my hand and that’s my pitcher’s mound. If he wants to run across the pitcher’s mound, tell him to go do laps in the bullpen. That’s my mound … He’s right. I don’t even have a handful of wins. I have three. Do the math A-Rod.”

I think Braden may have over reacted a little, but it’s not like A-Rod is a guy that’s known for his etiquette. Many recall the incident in Toronto when he yelled Ha rounding third base causing the 3rd baseman to drop the ball. The only problem I have with A-Rod is taking a shot at Braden’s win loss total. If he is that insignificant, you don’t need to say it, we all know how many wins he has. I said about a week ago that, Braden is a gamer, he’s the type of fiery competitor you love to have on your team. He was getting over a sickness so maybe that is what made him extra cranky.