Welcome to Relevancy, Braden

The 209 hasn’t gotten this much love since Celly Cel’s 1998 heater, “The Bay”

Last week, Dallas Braden was only known outside of Northern California as the guy who called A-Roid out. The guy who has accomplished nothing in his major league career, but was blasting one of the game’s highest profile stars in the media. Many outside of the Bay Area simply shook their heads saying, “who is this guy to call out A-Rod?” But then, to the surprise of everyone, Braden comes out and throws just the 19th perfect game in the history of baseball, and the ultimate “what now” to Rodriguez. A-Rod’s last comments were that he didn’t want to extend Braden’s 15 minutes of fame. Well, Braden’s going to have more than 15 minutes now. He accomplished the rarest feat in all of sports, something A-Rod will never do.  Sure, Rodriguez tied Frank Robinson on the all-time Home Run list, but you can win $2 on a lottery ticket 500 times and it doesn’t stack up to winning the jackpot. Here’s a rundown of all the publicity Dallas Braden is garnering now….

It is (Un)Writ: Dallas Braden Has Spoken – Jeff Mac Gregor, Espn.com

Dallas Braden’s Perfect Approach – Jerry Crasnick, Espn.com

Remembering When Braden Was a (non)Prospect – Rob Neyer, Espn.com (Rob Neyer is one of the few writers who knows anything about the A’s)

Before Braden Got the Win, Grandma Got the Save – Scott Ostler, San Francisco Chronicle

USA Today: Daily Pitch

True Rival For Yankees in Words and Deeds – New York Times (This one’s good. Apparently the Yankees are too good for the Red Sox now, so at least maybe Braden and the A’s can provide a challenge for them!)

Braden’s Perfect Game Drags A-Rod Into Spotlight Again – Mike Vaccaro, New York Post (This one’s even better. This clown makes Braden’s perfect game all about A-Rod)

Nothing Perfect About Rays Against Lefties – Joe Henderson, Tampa Tribune (It’s more about the Rays, and rightfully so. But c’mon Joe. A perfect game is all about the pitcher, not the hitters)

Braden’s Mother’s Day Gift Is Perfect- Jeff Passan, Yahoo Sports (I don’t know that I’d kick it with Passan in real life, but I like him on paper. He does his homework and always comes correct)

Braden’s Perfecto Could’ve Ended On An Unwritten Rule Violation – Duk, Yahoo Sports (Let’s not play dumb. Everyone knows you don’t bunt to break up a no hitter. But, in fairness to the Rays, “YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME”, so I don’t blame Longoria. I’m just glad he didn’t succeed)

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2 responses to “Welcome to Relevancy, Braden

  • chappy81

    I have to say I read about half of these today! I read a few articles today that made Braden’s perfect game into an A-rod story… Lame!

  • tophatal


    In all honesty does an a-hole like A-Rod worth listening to nowadays ? He’s one of the dumbest S-O-B’s anyone is liable to come across in the game of baseball and that includes Selig and his minion of morons !

    A-Rod will do whatever it takes to keep his name in the spotlight and that includes lying to the public about his steroid use.

    What Braden did was simply outstanding !

    Alan Parkins

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