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A Stoner Gets Another Cy Young!

Did I win some money for this award to go grab some munchies?!?

Some more Bay Area baseball news came out today, and another award was given to another pitcher residing in Northern California. It was announced today that Tim Lincecum has won the Cy Young for a second consecutive year! It’s probably a little relieving to have good news since all the buzz lately has been about his Marijuana possession charges, which honestly, I don’t really see why people care about what he does as long as it’s not a Len Bias kind of habit! He’s just a long haired hippy at heart, hell, he probably scored his weed from Zito’s hookup! Let’s just hope he doesn’t follow the same career path as Barry or sign on for any denim ads. He’s only the second person to ever bag two in a row, and his teammate was the other, Randy Johnson, who won four straight (99-02)! The freak wasn’t the obvious choice for the award, but it’s hard to argue against giving it to him. He had more K’s, innings, and a better whip than runner up Chris Carpenter, but he had a higher era and less wins than Chris. I think Carp would’ve won if some of his votes weren’t taken from him by his teammate Adam Wainwright who also could have been a very deserving winner. I really like that the voters decided that Lincecum was the most dominant pitcher, and didn’t focus so much on just the wins column like they usually do. All in all, it’s been good award season for the Bay, as Tim Lincecum repeated his Cy Young defense, and Andrew Baily won the Rookie of the Year award.