Hacky Sack, The Sport


Growing up I partook in my fair share of hacky sack circles. I was never the guy to carry the sack around, but would join in on a circle every now and then. Anyways, I never thought the sport would evolve into anything that required much more than some foot eye coordination, but it has, and these guys have some serious skills. If bicycle kicks are the most exciting play in soccer, then with a bicycle kick happening every point (or every other kick) this sport is more exciting than soccer! This sport is called Sepak Takraw originated in Malaysia, and is played with pretty much the same rules as volleyball (in scoring and touches per side of the net).

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7 responses to “Hacky Sack, The Sport

  • tophatal

    As crazy as it sounds you can see why the sport is such a rage . The skill-set is amazing .

    In the military for me it was the fact that I taught martial (karate & tae-kwondo) arts to members there while serving other service members . One of my platoon members who was from Thailand at the time introduced me to muy-thai kick boxing . In incorporating that into the routines made the guys participating even more aggressive and shall we say dangerous . And you can see that a number of the guys seen in the video may well have been practitioners of that as well.

    Do you find this story rather idiotic ? (See link) An Amish kid in upstate New York was arrested for speeding , being drunk & disorderly , littering and disobeying a law enforcement officer. The kid at the time was driving a horse drawn buggy . Whoa ! What is the world now coming to ? Amish teens leading the cops on a chase with the accused speeding in a horse drawn buggy .LOL,LOL,LOL !!! Only in NY state can you hear about something as asinine as this !

    tophatal ….

    • chappy81

      I can easily see how some martial arts expertise would help you in this sport. I was surprised how good the guys are at blocking the spikes. That seems harder than spiking the ball in the first place.

      I hadn’t seen that story. I can’t believe people get charged for “overdriving an animal”.

      • tophatal


        Like I said the skill-set is simply amazing . My girlfriend is into beach volleyball …. ain’t nothing wrong in that but I can tell you this both sports need all the hand eye coordination possible . As for the Amish kid NY state you’d have thought that the cops had something better to do ?

        Is it me but are the NFL and union blowing smoke up everyone’s a#s with the notion of setting aside $1 billion does anything to negate the neglect they’ve shown to retired veteran players of the league ? Isn’t bad enough that John Mackey died under such deplorable conditions ? All your hear forthcoming from the league hierarchy and union are their condolences . They are a bunch of fu_king hypocrites ! I wonder if they will still retain the rule where a player has to have four years in before they qualify for the assistance , as was the case with many of these veterans ? Mike Webster was drooling vegetable , defecating and urinating on himself right up to his death but he had to fight tooth and nail to get the benefits he was rightfully due .

        tophatal …….

  • classic17

    This is pretty incredible. We used to play between soccer games back in the day but it was mostly just so we could kick stuff at each other.

  • Chris Ross

    Oh my jesus that’s crazy. That would be so sick to be sitting in the stands for.

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