Getting Back To Work

It’s Monday, which pretty much explains itself. I made the smart move of putting some work off on Friday in the name of leaving early, and in turn, set myself up for a pretty impossible Monday. I feel like I’m not the only one having a hard time getting back to work though. There’s a few baseball teams out there that didn’t look like they were ready to get back at it after the All-Star break. Sounds like the NFL and its players will soon be getting back to work. And while the NBA seems like an afterthought now, some of its players have begun to look for work overseas – a trend we’re likely to see continue as the beginning of the season fast approaches. So, while it’s been a dreadful past month in sports if you don’t watch soccer, it starting to feel to me like the calm before the storm. Pretty soon, we’re likely to see flurry of player movement in all sports. The Major League Baseball trade deadline is looming, and it sounds like nearly every team is exploring options. Once the NFL lockout is officially over, it figures to be one active offseason since teams will be scrambling to get their rosters set and into camp. In the NBA, hearing about guys like Avery Bradley and Pooh Jeter looking to sign overseas doesn’t get me jazzed up, but who knows, maybe the dominoes will fall faster – and bigger.

Baseball Trades I Expect To See – No Explanations (or prospects) – Toronto trades SS Yunel Escobar to San Francisco for SP Jonathan Sanchez. Anaheim trades C Hank Conger to New York Mets for OF Scott Hairston. New York trades OF Carlos Beltran to Texas for OF Julio Borbon and C Taylor Teagarden. Seattle trades 3B Chone Figgins and SP Doug Fister to Detroit for OF Ryan Raburn and P Phil Coke. Pittsburgh trades 3B Pedro Alvarez to Oakland for OF Josh Willingham and OF Hideki Matsui. Los Angeles trade OF Andre Ethier to Philadelphia for RP Antonio Bastardo.

Football Signings I Expect To See – No Explanations – Nnamdi Asomugha to Dallas. Cedric Benson to Jacksonville. Terrell Owens to Tampa Bay. Braylon Edwards to Kansas City. Antonio Cromartie to San Diego. Tamba Hali to Chicago. Santonio Holmes to Oakland.

Basketball Players I Expect To See Sign Overseas –  As if the previous predictions weren’t asinine enough, how could I possibly know who’s going to play in what country? Instead, I’m just going to visualize what it could be like if more guys like Deron Williams, who just made his deal to Turkey official on Friday, made the jump to an international location. All of a sudden, Dwight Howard is hinting at going international and specifically mentions China. I just hope he doesn’t take his talents to Foshan to team up with Stephon Marbury. Howard would be a perfect fit on the Shanghai Sharks. It’s Yao’s former team (and I think he even owns it), and Shanghai is really the only city that’s big enough for Dwight. Even though he could join a Flying Tigers team that featured MVP Quincy Douby and went 31-1 last year, I can’t imagine Howard moving to Xinjiang. Seriously, look it up. It’d be like if Alaska had an NBA team. Instead, he could turn the 12-20 Sharks into instant contenders, and quite possibly be the Dirk to Yao’s Cuban.

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7 responses to “Getting Back To Work

  • Chris Ross

    Yunel Escobar isn’t going anywhere. Just signed a 2 year $10 million extension with 2 more club options at $5 mil a year.

    • mceezy

      You were right. The Giants had to settle for Jeff Keppinger instead haha. Maybe I can go 5 for 6 on the trades at least….

  • Ravenation, L.L.C. of North America

    Ethier to the Phillies? Hm….Would be a great move

  • tophatal

    Ubaldo Jimenez anyone ? Anyone , anyone at all ?

    Dwight Howard abroad and he’s said to be interested in playing in China ? Word to the wise Dwight be courteous at all times ! Know your role Dwight , know your role . LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

    tophatal …….

    • mceezy

      He would be a megastar on the court, but eventually he’ll have a major cultural snafu off the court and piss off a bunch of the Chinese fans. Can’t wait to see what it would be. If Howard’s lucky, the lockout will end sooner than later…

      • tophatal


        Well that’s been Dwight’s mantra all along ! Snafus up the as@ ! The so called Christian player who fathers a child out of wedlock denies the child is his but after the DNA results are revealed he’s shelling out the bucks for his kid . Nice one Dwight .

        Speaking of going back to work how is it that the NFL can now set aside $1 billion to aid retired NFL veterans but yet Hall of Famer —- John Mackey dies in an assisted living facility suffering from dementia , drooling like a vegetable , defecating and urinating on himself ? What makes this situation all the more unbelievable were the facts that his benefits were about to be aborted by the league and union . And I’m suppose to believe that the league , union and owners care about the old timers who played in the league ? In order for the players to actually be recipients of benefits they have to meet the eligibility criteria of playing a four years in the NFL . But herein lies the problem you now have several players who had not met that eligibility status now suffering immeasurable medical maladies and they’ve not been helped by their former teams . That to me is disgusting !

        tophatal …..

  • chappy81

    Those are some bold predictions! Dwight on the Shanghai Sharks would be interesting. I wonder if they retired Yao’s number yet?

    Braylon in a Raiders jersey sounds about right. We like guys who have a hard time holding onto passes…

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