Can the Sharks Actually Come Through?

I don’t follow hockey aside from the Sharks, and by saying I follow them, that mostly entails looking at where they are in the standings every once in awhile. Once the playoffs roll around I usually start watching some of their games, and this year hasn’t been any different. I mean you gotta take a break from the NBA playoffs every now and then! I think the real reason I don’t get entirely into hockey is because nearly every year I watch the Sharks just to be disappointed with their playoff performance. They usually have a pretty high seed, and a solid team, but never make it over the hump. It must be the same kind of feeling that Mavs fans have as they are great through the regular season only to suck and collapse in the playoffs. I thought maybe this year would be different, kinda like I think every year will be different for them, but looking at it a little before the game 7 tonight, I don’t seem to have much faith in them. They had a 3-0 series lead on the Red Wings, and are faced to play a game 7 tonight at home in HP Pavilion, which doesn’t feel like much of an advantage. The Sharks are on the verge of being the fourth NHL team to lose a series after going up 3-0. I’m tentatively excited about the game if the SJ star (Marleau) can get his act together, because he’s been non-existent this series. Even his former teammate and my favorite player in video games when I was younger Jeremy Roenick, even called him out.  The whole team has lacked energy in the losses, and it’s probably fair to blame their captain, so I agree with Roenick that Marleau needs to stop being so gutless. I feel like they’ve already booked their off-season plane tickets like Andrew Bynum did. Hopefully they win tonight, but I feel like there’s a much better chance they’ll lose…

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4 responses to “Can the Sharks Actually Come Through?

  • Chris Humpherys

    I haven’t been paying as much attention to this series as I should. I’ve already picked up watching the Lightning. If I take up another sport, the woman might up and leave me.

  • classic17

    The Sharks had better win. I think they’ll get it together because I physically cannot pick the wings. It’s impossible.

    The Sharks need to get back to their physical play in front of Jimmy Howard and they’ll be fine. The thing I’m afraid of is that already lost the game in their heads…or if they have a lead in the third period. Apparently that’s the kiss of death for them.

    Go Sharks and no matter what, Detroit sucks.

    • chappy81

      Nice call! I kept waiting for them to choke. When Detroit scored with 5 minutes left, I was waiting for another goal to go in to tie. Marleau, Crowe, and Thorton were awesome last night! Hopefully they can take out the Canucks, but it might be tough billing…

      • classic17

        I think Vancouver will probably win. Surely the Sedins will stop sucking. Kesler has been a beast and he’s American. Good for him. Also, the Sharks tend to forget how to play hockey for stretches of the game. That’s probably not gonna work for them against the Canucks.

        But hey, detroit’s out so I just want multiple overtimes and seven games from here on out.

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